Indian candidates are all aware of the PAN card, but many of them might be unfamiliar with the jurisdictional function of PAN number. Here in this post, I have explained easy step for know your -pan jurisdiction by pan no.

Know Your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer

If you are looking for easy way to check your pan jurisdiction by pan number then look at article easiest way I have written step by step with a screenshot.

Histories are not much repeated in jurisdictional laws. There are various rules and laws that continuously keeps on changing and even getting much improvement nowadays.

How to know your pan jurisdiction by your pan card no

There might be the wrong mindset of some civilians, that PAN card is used as one of the proofs for Indian citizenship. PAN card is not considered as proof.

Instead, it is used for the entrepreneurs or for financial transaction purposes, bank accounts holders and the people that receive government job salaries.

How actually can Jurisdiction be defined as?

Jurisdiction can be termed as lawful authority that is ruled in specific restricted areas by courts and other constitution such as political or governmental authorities and couple of times the law enforcement agencies. There is no value of any case in the court without submitting proper jurisdictions.

meaning of different jurisdictions

PAN Jurisdiction is explained as:

As for ease, it is to get information about PAN card is available, there are often some troubles to from server in online processes. There are lakhs of accounts of PAN card holder and to manage all of them consistently is the work of responsibility.

So there is another way out to get the required information via Income Tax department and contacting them for any kind of verification.

Some main terminologies that are Tax Ward and Assessing Officer (A.O) must be clear in your mind. These are various officers that help you in any conditions and solve the problems, that are decided according to income of candidates.

Income Tax department saves the data and according to the 10 digits number mentioned on PAN card, the assessing officer is decided.

These details are important for the time when you lost your PAN card or it gets damaged by some reason. For this purpose assessing officer are assisted for each PAN card holder and sort out the problem of candidates by anyway.

The PAN card number consists of AO number, AO code, Range code and AO code. The assessing officer is the most important requirement of PAN card holder because the holder is known by AO officer. So keep in touch with the assessing officer now and then for any problematic intervals.

Whenever you switch on to some other places by any reason, you have to change your address and Jurisdiction AO. In case if you have to change the address, type a letter for it. And follow the procedure that is mentioned at the bottom of the post. Scroll down and get the information if required.

At the time when you migrate on to some other places for any reason, you have to change your address and Jurisdiction AO.

Two Fundamental Procedures To Change Your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer are:

  • Primarily To change your address and assessing officer you need to contact your Jurisdictional officer.
  • Secondarily write an application or appeal to an Income Tax Department for changing Address and AO.

Have a look below I have made an extreme guide for you by inputting images so that you can get a clear idea to know your PAN card Jurisdiction:

Know Your Income Tax Ward, Circle, Jurisdictional Assessing Officer

1. Click on the log in link of income tax (

2. Suppose you have already logged in, then it is easy for you. Choose the Log in alternative and move your cursor to ‘Service’ option and click on it. You will find some choices, and here you will get an option of “Know Your Jurisdictional A.O.

know your PAN jurisdiction by PAN number

3. Similar to other accounts, input your User Id and Password. Solve the given Captcha and move on ahead.

know your ao code ,income tax ward/circle pan name with pan number

4. Thus you are at your destination, get the details of your Jurisdictional Assessing officer.

It is mandatory to register on an e-filling website. Hence below are the steps that are processed by yourself:

1) Log in to link incometaxindiaefiling

2) On the main page, you will visualise the option of “New User Register Now”. Click on to the option.

Verify PAN By PAN Number

3) You will find many details that are filled by yourself and this step holds the option of choosing Individual or HUF choices. According to it input the option and click the SUBMIT button and CONTINUE.

4) In Step 1 option you will find of filling up the general details that are as follows: PAN, Surname, Middle Name, First Name and Date of Birth respectively.

5) The Step 2 asks to add information of Password, Personal detail, contact details, address and at last the captcha code. Even each of this details has more additional information that is not all mandatory.

Know your PAN jurisdiction

6) Mission Successful (lol!) you will find Registration Successful.

7) You will receive OTP code in your mobile and other details will be shown as and when you click the given choices.

know your AO code

8) Your screen will show: Log in Id and Password Generating.

9)So, at last, you will be able to see Jurisdictional A.O by your own account.

PAN Verification In Bulk-

For Government Department & Non-government Agencies

Step 1:

First of all, you have to register as Bulk PAN verification Agency at

Step 2:

Move on to Bulk PAN Query & go over to Upload Query.

Step 3:

There is specified formation mentioned where you have to Upload The Query And Click on SUBMIT.

Step 4:

A token Number will be generated after submission.

Step 5:

The Query system will display PAN status that is uploaded.

Guide For Defence Troops

For the people who are in Army or Air Force, they have to refer on following details:


Description: ITO WARD 4(3), GHQ, PNE

Area Code: PNE

AO type: W

Range code: 55

AO No: 3


Description: ITO WARD 42(2)

Area Code: DEL

AO type: W

Range code: 72

AO No: 2

Different Process For Various Applicants for changing Address:

Suppose you have selected the individual status option and holding some business or receiving the salary, in that case, you have to add the AO code as per address of your office. For another general case, the individual has to add the residential address.

If the application status is under the category of company (C), Trust (T), Local Authority (L), Body of Individuals (B), partnership firm (F), Artificial Juridical Person (J), Association of persons (A), Hindu undivided family (H), Government (G), Limited Liability Partnership (F), then they have to enter AO code according to their office address.

Changing PAN Address & Accessing Officer:

For changing the address, you have to search on NSDL site and migrate on Changing Address option by paying the preconditioned amount.

The address that you want to change can’t be replaced automatically, you need to write a request letter to the current Accessing officer. This letter is sent to the new accessing officer of the particular city or area, where you are going to transfer.

When the new officer accepts the letter and approval is passed by both the accessing officer, then only it is changed. Even you have to request for moving on the data and records to new AO.

Mention the following mandatory information in the letter:
  • Firstly write your PAN and name.
  • Write about the current accessing officer and jurisdiction who have processed your records up till now.
  • You have to mention the details of relocation. (A.O ward/circle)
  • At last, you have to mention the reason of your changing address or reason for your transfer/ migration.
Determination of PAN Jurisdiction By Income Tax Department:
Other Tax Payer Selection Of Criteria PAN Jurisdiction according to
Individual 1. Salary/ Combination along with salary.

2. Income from Business or its combination.

Office Address
  Other Individuals Residentials Address

These were most useful steps for your easy understanding. I hope this post made your work easy at its extremes. If you have any queries, you can ask it in the comment box and if I have missed out something really important; you may suggest that too.


Stay updated with this post, as it is your prime duty to pay Tax and for that, you must be all aware of the details and duties of yourself through PAN card.