If you are looking for process about How to activate BMO credit card or BMO credit card activation process online or via phone then I have explained both method simple way look at entire post to know step by step guide to activate BMO credit card.

All are merely excited to activate their new credit card and certainly tend to place a confidence or trust by the lender on their spending obsessions. For the daily users that have online payments and even more transactions in Canada, here are the most useful details mentioned below for activation of a credit card. 

About the BMO MasterCard/Creditcard Activation

Bank of Montréal, or BMO, of Canada, is a leading lender with an approximate value of $600 billion in their assets. 

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BMO is one of the largest banks in all of Canada. If you are ready to activate your BMO MasterCard, then here are the further steps you need to follow for activation. Depending upon your credit score, there are chances for you to get qualified for the rewards with your new BMO MasterCard.

Simple And Easiest Way: Online Method Activation

  • Visit a simple submission process at the BMO website.
  • Keep your MasterCard number handy as you visit the above-mentioned link.
  • You are on the main page where you have to input the information and details that are mandatory. Most important one is, type your MasterCard’s number into the input box.
  • That’s it, Click the large red “Submit” button in the middle of the screen.
  • Well, you may be asked for some of the personal information for identifying that you are the primary account holder.
  • Hence follow these instructions and steps to activate your BMO MasterCard.

You May Face Difficulties like:

  • The new revolving line of credit might not be available from the bank.
  • You may have switched to some of the other numbers rather than from your MasterCard.
  • There can be a problem with your server at the time of clicking the SUBMIT option or credit card number may have been rerouted.

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Most probably all users prefer the online method and even I recommend the users for the Online activation process. But there is even another process i.e. You Can Activate Your Card Over the Telephone.

Activate Your Card Over the Telephone

Suppose the Online Method is not working out for you to activate the credit card, you may switch on to the Telephone or phone system. You can contact through the toll-free number i.e. 1(800) 263-2263 or if you face the long hold, no activation process proceeding you have the other alternative number 1(866) 859-2089. 

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You have to communicate with the BMO representative and follow the instructions as per the instructions mentioned by them. For the fastest process, you need to call from your number that is mentioned in your account.

You have the advantages to receive the BMO MasterCard rewards after the completion of all the steps of activation. The rewards include the programs like airline miles, cash back on every purchase, and even some student rewards. You have the 1-year time limit for the activation of revolving line with the BMO and suppose you don’t activate it within a year, your account may be closed.

Register Your MasterCard SecureCode

Well, this is one of the mandatory processes that you should accomplish at the time of your credit card activation. Set up the SecureCode that is official between you and the BMO. This SecureCode improves the security of your account and it cannot be used in an unauthorized way for online purchase.

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Even you can create the SecureCode once you have completed the online activation process of BMO credit card. While the SecureCode registration is ongoing, you will receive the opportunity to select various paid account defense services. Thus it includes credit card balance protection, CreditDefence, and IDefence Plus.

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