Graduation plays an important role in carving one’s professional future. After your graduation, you are supposed to have great knowledge in the particular stream of education.

At what heights you are trained and aware of computer knowledge?? Because your keen interest towards the computer and its programming will take you to the graduation courses.

So don’t get confused in mess, I have separated out all details for you. Your situation might be same like this troll gif when you are in search of detailed courses of a computer after graduation.


You have numerous career options after your graduation like management, computer, hospitality, Information technology a name but a few.

Today’s entire world technology has become more popular than the former times. Each and every place of work, a computer is the first priority for work.

If we talk about small shops, business, Institutes, industries everywhere it is a priority for some work like data entry, to maintain employees details, to maintain profit and loss details, for an account and to create bill details and so on. So, computer courses are increasing their level day by day.



The one who has completed their Bachelor of Commerce Or Master of Commerce can easily appear for any Information Technology related courses. As India is developing rapidly in information technology field according to some reports, and so there are new doors open for new upcoming generations.

There are some courses which are eligible not only for the one who has completed B.com but the one who has completed BA, Bsc, Msc or any graduates can appear for these courses.

Best Computer Courses After Graduation or Degree in India 2017


  1. Web Designing

It is dealing with the creation and maintenance of websites. Those pages which are reflecting on google, Yahoo, Firefox, Chrome, Facebook, Adobe flash all are designed by graphic designers.

This course mainly focuses on the core area necessary for the creation of websites like HTML, JAVA, and CSS. Students who are used to with computer and addicted to it can easily do this course and able to work very well.



In this course, students learn HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Web-Hosting, SEO and much more which are helpful for creating a great design for websites.


Available degree in it is Diploma, Post Graduates, and M.sc which have a time period of 1 to 3 years. Anyone can apply for this course from any stream.

2. Graphic Designing:

Students who have bachelor’s in the graphic can easily get the better chance for future, but the one who has graduated from another field can take technical training in graphic design to meet most hiring qualification.

If once you get the best training in this field you can easily reach the level where you want. If you want to make a bright career in it then you have to stay updated with new computer graphics and software.

After completion of your professional course in this field, you can apply for jobs like Industrial Designer, Craft and Fine Arts, Desktop Publisher, Advertising/ Publisher and marketing manager also.


  1. Software test engineer:

This is also one of the best computer course after completion of your graduation from any stream. This course will help you how to find bugs manually, automation testing tool.                                                                                                                                                        

Nowadays IT sector is becoming more popular as well as competing with quality work. Thus the demand of testing engineers is growing day by day. If you want to certify yourself for the global market, you need to take ISTQB certification.


  1. Search Engine Optimise SEO/ Digital web marketing:                        

    In the mega world, social media marketing is now a part of a search engine and it helps them to become a top user access web portal. After graduation, you can join PTP excel course for the 6 months and you can get the best job in reputed MNC companies.

This course covers a core concept of Digital Marketing such as SEO, Social media marketing, Pay-per-click, web analyst, content marketing, email marketing, and also digital marketing strategies.


In this course, you can learn optimising websites content for the best search engine ranking. You will able to learn about the history of google search and other search engine algorithms. During this you will be able to build up your practical skills through you can easily apply for Internet marketing or online content development.

During this, you will be able to build up your practical skills, through which you can easily apply for Internet marketing or online content development.


  1. Advance diploma in Animation for Game, Film and Visual Effect:

    Do you ever wonder about the talent, hard work, and dedication that turns into magic.                                                                                                   Best Computer Courses After Graduation or Degree

    After completion of this course, you are able to become a producer, 3D animation creator and also creator of best visual effect movies, entertainment videos, 3D animating images and so on

  2. Diploma in computer hardware and networking:                        

    Graduate students from any stream can easily move in this course. Those who are completed their ITI course in the related area are also eligible for the same.

    This course will help the students to gain practical knowledge in hardware and also helpful for knowledge of how to solve the problems related networking.

    This course study helps you to continue for higher studies options like as B.Tech in computer Engineering or post graduate diploma courses.


In a nutshell, IT courses are not only restricted to science graduates. Anyone can learn a programming language or can work in IT sector after completion of professional certification course like MCA.


Ending the palimpsest with few of the best options, I hope this will be surely beneficial to you. Opt any of the options according to your terms of interest and make your well being grow accordingly.