Brush-footed Butterflies (Family Nymphalidae) Introduction:

The butterfly family that holds 6000 species is largest among all other families of butterflies. Nymphalidae has small to the large size of butterflies and those are visible in day to day life around us.

Brush-footed Butterflies (Family Nymphalidae) Description:

Especially the size of their forelegs is very short compared to other legs. Many of the species have the wingspan size up to 1.5-3.5 inches. The color varies with contrasting undersurfaces. Moreover, the color of wings is white, yellow or brown.

These butterflies have small hair like formation that is used for smelling and tasting. The shape of the wings varies in this species with rounded wings, irregular or notch on their edges and even many are with little curves.

Brush-footed Butterflies (Family Nymphalidae) Habitat:

Nymphalidae is found in a temperate and terrestrial region. There are some butterflies species that mimics like other as they are toxic and this avoids them from predators.

Brush-footed Butterflies (Family Nymphalidae) Life cycle:

This is an example of one of the¬†Brush-footed Butterflies‚Ć©Family Nymphalidae‚Ć™. The Nymphalidae butterfly has complete metamorphosis process. They lay their eggs on host plants. An exception is pupa is suspended from a hook-like formation that is called cremaster.

life cycle of Nyphalidae family


Let’s have a view on various sub-families lower classification of Brush-Footed Butterflies

The first one that is Satyrinae family commonly called as Browns have furthermore sub classification that is mentioned in the table below:

Brush-footed Butterflies (Family Nymphalidae) Erebia Ligea Common Name, Scientific Name & Images

Common Name Scientific name Image
Arguses  Erebia arguses (satyrinae) butterfly image
Swiss brassy Ringlet  Erebia Tyndarus Erebia_tyndarus-butterfly
Almond ringlet/ Almond Eye Ringlet  Erebia Alberganus Erebia_alberganus butterfly pic
Arran brown  Erebia ligea Erebia ligea (Arran brown butterfly) image
 Woodland ringlet Erebia medusa Woodland_Ringlet-butterfly photo
Small mountain ringlet or mountain ringlet Erebia epiphron Erebia_epiphron-butterfly photo
Sudeten ringlet  Erebia sudetica  Erebia sudetica (Sudeten Ringlet) pic
Lapland ringlet Erebia embla  Lapland Ringlet, Erebia embla - Butterflies photo
¬†Retzer’s ringlet ¬†Erebia christi Erebia christi (Raetzer's Ringlet, R√§tzer's Ringlet) pic
 Spring ringlet  Erebia epistygne
 Arctic ringlet/ Disa alpine Erebia disa
Marbled White Melanargia Glathea  Melanargia galathea butterfly
 Common five ring  Ypthima Baldus Common Five-ring (Ypthima baldus) butterfly image
 Satyrus  Satyrus Satyrus butterfly image
Cithaerias Cithaerias Cithaerias butterfly photo
Common Name  Scientific Name Image
Browns Satyrinae Satyrinae butterfly image
Milkweed Butterfly Danainae milkweed butterfly pic
Painted Lady Cynthia painted lady butterfly (Cynthia) photo
Brush-Footed Butterflies Nymphalinae nymphalinae butterfly image
European Peacock  Aglais io Peacock_butterfly (Aglais_io) pic
Morpho Morpho morpho butterfly image
Painted Lady  Vanessa Cardui Vanessa cardui butterfly photo
Longwings  Heliconiinae heliconiinae butterfly photo
Red Admiral/ Red Admirable  Vanessa Atlanta Vanessa Atlanta butterfly photo
Comma  Polygonia polygonia buterfly image
Glasswinged Butterfly  Greta Oto Greta oto butterfly picture
Japanese Emperor or great purple emperor  Sasakia Charonda  sasakia charonda butterfly image
Purple emperor  Apatura Iris Apatura iris butterfly pic
Typical Sailers  Neptis  Neptis butterfly photo
Map  Araschnia levana Araschnia levana butterfly photo
Crows  Euploea euploea butterfly image
Owl Butterfly  Caligo  Caligo butterfly image
Marsh Fritillary Euphydryas aurinia marsh-fritillary butterfly pic
Apatura Illia  Apatura ilia Apatura ilia butterfly photo
Hypolimnas Bolina  Hypolimnas bolina Hypolimnas_bolina butterfly pic

These are Classification of Milkweed Butterflies:

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Painted lady:

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Well Here is the end of Nymphalidae Butterfly species. I have gathered all types of its classification and sub families along with a large number of minor and lower classifications. I hope you have got all the required information from this article. If I have missed any major class, you can mention it in the comment box.