I am always on an instinct to find new sources for earning money and finding some special tips. So today I have some new ideas through which you can make money. Here I this article you will learn about step by step guide on how to start Christmas tree farming business.

You will know about:

  1. How fast do Christmas trees grow
  2. Christmas tree farming equipment
  3. Christmas tree growing tips
  4. Christmas tree seedlings
  5. Christmas tree farm profit margin

Here are the Common details About Christmas Tree Farming 

  • How much money does a Christmas tree farm make?
  • How long does it take to grow a Christmas tree?
  • How many Christmas trees can be grown per acre?
  • How long does it take for a Christmas tree to grow to 6 feet?
  • How long does it take to grow a Christmas tree from a seed?
  • How to grow Christmas trees in pots?

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Well, for that you might have to make few plans and find the way out if these ideas work out for you or not. This work or call as business needs some hard work and money too, including some acres of land along with the atmosphere or climate in particular country.

Coming on to the point, I am going to explore all the ideas and methods for Christmas Tree Farming which is a big business and you can earn thousands of bugs.

How long does it take to grow a Christmas tree?

This farming needs patience because it takes 6-8 years for the trees to get matured. Then it depends on the length of the tree that you need to sell or the requirement of consumers. 

Christmas Trees are widely on sale in first two weeks of December. But some people buys artificial trees, while most of them prefer real trees. The demand for real trees will never lower or shorten down.

How much money does a Christmas tree farm make?

Yes, you are of course focusing on the income which you will earn a profit. So if suppose a single tree worth about $40-$50. And If you have 1-acre land, you can earn up to $10,000.

How many Christmas trees can be grown per acre?

As I have mentioned above that 1-acre land will bring a profit of $10,000. So you can grow 1500 trees. And if you have 10-acre of land, round up figure will be 15,000 trees and so on for 20-acres land, you can grow 30,000 trees.

If suppose you don’t have your own land, you can start up business in partnership and earn money of about 50% from the total amount of profit you earned through farming.

How to grow Christmas trees in pots?

  • Bring the small length of tree and place in a pot with the proper stand.
  • Add the proper amount of water up to certain level.
  • When it starts growing, cut with care for ideal shape after few weeks.
  • Place the pot in the room that has cool temperature.
  • Christmas trees are not kept for the long duration of time in indoors because it is not possible to keep them more than 12 days at home.

So if you want to keep Christmas Tree for a long duration. You have to keep it in the garden with the specialised container that is big in size so that it can be transferred annually as per the requirement. The size of the pot must be about 45cm diameter and depth. 

You will get a big amount to earn through Christmas Tree Farming but this needs intensive labour work throughout the year. All you need to do is remove the weeds, cut the grass and pruning the young trees.

Christmas trees in Winter pics


How long does it take for a Christmas tree to grow to 6 feet?

Depending upon various types of Christmas Trees it takes a time to grow. Christmas Trees are classified in three various types that are: Balsam Fir, Douglas Fir and Scotch Pine. The general average time is 8-9 years and for the totally matured tree, it takes about 7-12 years.

How long does it take to grow a Christmas tree from a seed?

Relying on the variation the Three of them requires different climate, soil and shearing methods for proper growth of trees up to 8-10 years. So the Christmas trees take about 8 years to reach as a tree from small plant or seedlings.

How much is the cost of seeds per tree?

The seedlings are the main and initial factor or need for the Christmas Tree to be grown in your land. The seeds cost about 0.35 per tree. So if you grow trees in one acre that is about 1500 trees, you can make up to $10,000 of profit.

christmas tree seedlings


Which Climate And Land Are Suitable For Christmas Tree?

The best land or soil beneficiary for Christmas Tree is well-drained soils. the wet soils are not preferred much for these trees. As I have mentioned above the three types of Christmas Trees.

Among them, the Pine trees require loamy or sandy soils. The spruce trees and Douglas fir Trees needs soils with fine textures such as clay loamy soils or loam soils.

land For Christmas trees


Christmas trees are such trees that require all the elements for its ideal growth. The element consists of sixteen elements such as oxygen, hydrogen, potassium, iron, phosphorous, sulphur, magnesium, carbon, chlorine, zinc, copper, molybdenum, boron, nitrogen, manganese and calcium and all these are obtained from soil.

If these elements are not available in the natural soil than all nutrition is provided externally by fertilisers. The land that is on a slope or inclined with a flat surface are preferred for Christmas Tree farming rather than the wastelands or agricultural plots.

The climate with extremely frost or hot will damage the tree which is irreplaceable. So climatic condition will make your harvesting task very difficult to impossible. So make sure that harvesting or shipping is done before the heavy frost affects trees.


Christmas Tree Farming Labour Work And Equipment Required For Cultivation

As I have noticed and visualised, the farming land requires bulldozing that will help to remove large rocks or any other obstacles that come across the deep land. Ploughing the soil will separate out the weeds and unwanted plants that suck water and nutrition from soil that is required for Christmas Trees.

Sprayer specialised equipment


The most important factor that plays role in Christmas tree farming is sowing the seeds and planting the seedlings. For providing complete nutrition one needs to add fertilisers in the soil before planting. Pesticides are used on trees for avoiding insects and damaging the plants.

Once the trees start growing, after four to five years it needs shearing so that the trees get a perfect classic shape. Focussing on the equipment, the money spent on any of them varies in a high range. The commonly used types of equipment are insecticides, tractors, shapers and sprayers or sheers.

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If you have high budget investments than farmers can use mechanised planters that cost about $4000. This equipment saves laborious work of farmers. The seedlings can be purchased from various nurseries and you can make a profit on each tree through it.

For example. as I bought seedlings of about $200-$300 per 1000 plants. I have sold the matured final tree worth $20 for each. So I have earned a profit of $2-$3 per tree. Isn’t it interesting? Don’t think much, you also have an opportunity to make money. So don’t wait and start farming the Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree Shearing image


Christmas Trees Are Affected By Following Pests And Diseases

Many of the Christmas Trees are affected by the intense growth of insects on it that damages the whole tree. Balsam woolly adelgids are the insects that are wingless and kills the firs of trees.


The other insects that are pine shoot beetle and gypsy moth also damage the Christmas Tree crops. Christmas Trees are also affected by fungal pathogens that cause root rotten issue.

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Certain animals and birds are also harmful to the crop and damages Trees by affecting on buds and root part. Weeds and other unwanted plants take up the water and nutrients required for the crop, so even they are harmful to the ideal growth of Christmas Tree crop.

Christmas Tree farming Harvesting Method & Time:

Christmas Trees are harvested by some systematic method that is called Choose And Cut or the other method in which the customers can choose the trees by their own choice and cut themselves. In wholesale farming, the farmer has to finish up the tasks like cutting, baling and shifting the trees to the roadside for picking up.

Cut and Choose Tree photo


In wholesale farming, the farmer has to finish up the tasks like cutting, baling and shifting the trees to the roadside for picking up. The time of harvesting that must be preferred is November. Because if you harvest trees in June, it is meaningless and not useful. So it should be a year-round harvesting system followed by the farmer or wholesaler.

This was all the information that is required for the farmer or an investor to grow Christmas Trees on a land that you have. I hope I have covered all details. If I have missed any major point, You can suggest me in the comment box.