Get CitiBank Routing Numbers Here for Various Regions

CitiBank Routing Numbers is used by the federal banks in the United States to proceed with transactions and fund transfers using wire, paper or electronic transactions.Check also how to activate capital one credit card and debit card at CapitalOne.Com/Activate

It might be tough for you to find genuine Citi Routing Numbers post to complete the transactions. We know how much it is important to know about CitiBank Routing Numbers when you are proceeding for the bank account transactions and fund-transferring process.

Now if you searching for genuine and legit records for Routing numbers for CitiBank, then you are already looking at the right post my friend ss this post here has included every detail for various bank locations routing numbers for every state and regions around the united states.

Citibank Routing Numbers

CitiBank Routing Numbers

While making online payments, mobile payments or while making any other transactions, you might have experienced that you are required to provide the bank routing numbers. So, it is predictable that how important your Citibank RTN records is to complete the transactions.

The bank routing numbers are used to identify the institutions you are connected with and most essential thing when you are wished to transfer the fund through paper transactions, wire transfers or electronic fund transfers.

As CitiBank routing number on check or for wire transfers is the most necessary element to complete the transaction, we suggest our users save or store the important records for the bank routing numbers available which will help you every time you need it.

Most users search online for;

  • CitiBank Routing Number New York | NY – 021000089 | 021001486 (former EAB customers)

  • CitiBank Routing Number Chicago – 321171184

  • CitiBank Routing Number Florida | FL – 266086554 | 067004764 (for incoming wires)

  • CitiBank Routing Number California | CA – Northern CA 321171184 | Southern CA 322271724

Check the table available below this picture to get full details for CitiBank RTN Numbers.

Get Citibank Routing Number here

State or Regions

Citibank Routing Transit Number

Northern California | CA ( Including San Francisco and Central California) 321171184
Southern California | CA (Including Los Angeles & San Diego) 322271724
Connecticut | CT 221172610
Delaware | DE 21272655
Florida | FL 266086554

067004764 (only for incoming wires)

Illinois | IL 271070801
Maryland | MD 52002166

254070116 (only for incoming wires)

Massachusetts | MA 221172610
Nevada | NV (excluding Las Vegas 27, 29, 30 & 56 branches) 322271724
Nevada | NV (For Las Vegas 27, 29, 30 & 56 branches) 122401710

322271724 (only for incoming wires)

New Jersey | NJ 021272655
New York | NY 021000089

021001486 ( only for former EAB customers)

Pennsylvania | PA 021272655
Texas | TX 113193532
Virginia | VA & Washington DC 254070116

We seriously want help our users to get genuine information and records for CitiBank Routing Numbers. The data records available here of routing numbers of CitiBank are absolutely pure and legit. You may visit our official site at

We have presented there leading bank’s routing number information there all across the United States. You can share this post with your friends or colleagues to help them with bank routing numbers.

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