The one and only oldest independent car maker company named AC Cars was formerly known by Auto Carriers Ltd. Hence the company is well-known brand since many years in Britain Country.


The first car was introduced in the year 1903 at the Crystal Palace motor show. This car is a 20 horsepower touring vehicle but was named and branded as Weller, coming from the Weller Brothers of West Norwood, London.

According to Business manager John Portwine assumption, the car would be too expensive and thus he encouraged Weller to produce the car with a three-wheeler.

The AC cars then turned out to produce Autocars and Accessories. The models of those cars were successfully produced vehicle by the year of 1907. It was the first car of the company to produce passenger version and named it as AC Sociable. In the year 1912, AC cars were considered as one of the famous cars on the roads of London in the show of Motor Cycle and Cycle Car Show.

The company started using its famous logo in the year 1911 and changed their name to Auto Carriers shifted to Surrey. Formerly the company that produced three-wheeled vehicles had started creating Four-wheeled cars by the year of 1913, but there was a bit pause in production due to 1st World War.

From the year 1919 up to 1963, the vehicle has been produced and roamed around which was said as the second successful version for long time period. The AC cars have maintained their brand and name till now and produced many Hybrid cars by a tie-up with various Automobile companies.

Full List of AC Car Models and Variants:

Car Name Production Year
AC 10 open 2-seater 1913 
AC 12 Royal 1920
AC 16 Royal saloon 1920 
AC 16/80 open 2-seater 1936 
AC Six   1920–1929
AC. 2-Litre   1947–1958
AC Ace  1953–1963
AC 12 hp  1920–1927
AC Aceca Bristol  1957
AC. Greyhound 1959–1963
AC MK II 2002–2003
AC single-seater
AC Cobra Mark II 1961-1965
AC 428 Frua 1967
AC 3000ME
AC 212 S/C 2000
AC Ace V8
AC Sociable 1912
AC Autocarrier 1904
AC Ten  1913–1916
AC Petite  1952–1958
AC Invacar Model 57 – 
AC Brooklands Aceca  1993–1996
AC 378 GT Zagato  2012
AC 2-Litre  1947–1958
AC Cobra  1962–1965
AC Frua  1965–1973
AC Greyhound  1959–1963
Other Car Type
AC Invicar  1960s–1977
AC Zagato Concept  –
AC Aceca  1954–1963

Images Of AC Cars 

AC 12 Royal image

AC 16 Royal saloon image

AC Six Image

AC 2-Litre Image

AC Ace Image

AC 12 hp Image

AC Aceca Bristol Image

AC. Greyhound Image

AC MK II Image

AC single-seater Image

AC Cobra Mark II Image

Ac Frua Image

3000ME Image

AC MK VI Image

AC Ace V8 Image

AC 212 SC Image

AC Sociable 3 Seater Image

AC auto-carrier Image

AC Ten Image

Ac petite Image

AC Invacar Image

AC Brooklands Aceca Image

AC 378 GT Zagato Image