Helloooooo!!!! my readers and visitors, Are you bored of fake sites and stories that people updates on various online job sites. Here’s the end of those fake sites, because here you will find exactly what you want.

Examining over the increasing graph of expenses, all are in search of making money by one or the other way. Thus I have selected some appropriate money making options that you can try every day. 

Easy ways to Earn money online for free and Quick in 2017

As per your knowledge, skill and enthusiastic work will lead you to earn more by the following options that are gathered here.

If you are unable to accomplish the needs and live according to the budgets, still there are over expenses then it’s time to make some more money during your spare time and fulfill all the needs.Ways to Actually Make Money Onlin

Pick the option that makes an easy income way for you from home without any boring feeling of office or job work. You are conducting and executing work according to your convenience. So prefer the work option by which you can earn easily from the following suggestions.

Here In this post, I have described entire 37 ways by which you can make money from home without any start-up amount listed below.

how to earn money online without paying anything

So let’s discuss all the point which will help you to understand: How you can be able to earn cash from online work.

1. Get Paid To Earn Errands:

Previously the company known as RunMyErand is now called as TaskRabbit and launched in 2008. The name of the company was changed in 2010. And after that, it took a high budget work all over the different cities.

It is a laborious work when you are moving or shifting from one place to the new living area. People feel exhausted when there is a task of carrying your stuff, relocating work, hauling, etc. Hence TaskRabbit is the firm that provides an employee that works for you whether it is any task.

It is easy to work with TaskRabbit; sign up on the site and enter what kind of work you can do and if you got qualified for the work, you can continue working with TaskRabbit.


According to the working hours per week, you can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars for the simple jobs like folding T-shirts, lifting tasks, arranging furniture, home repairs, etc.

There is some other money making errands companies; We Go Look, Postmates, Instacart, Door Dash, Agent Anything on Geeknism.

2. Provide Tours For Your City:

Earn via traveling in the cities and hometowns you live and become the guide in your areas. This is possible if you love and crazy to show each place to the travelers of your city.

Many companies provide the platform to become a guide and earn money. To set up a traveling business is quite a big challenge for a single person. So you can join with the firms who hire you as a guide of your area.

Different companies have various criteria to deal when you are performing the job of a guide. Go through their terms and conditions before you apply and sign in for the work. Rove around the cities and take the travelers to the best places in your town.

Make them feel worthy if they travel with you and answer the questions with all respect and friendly nature. Earn up to $50-300 as per the locations and the hours you spend.

3. Revenue Sharing:

At the point where you purchase or traffic exchange for promoting your website or affiliate marketing is said as Ad Packs. Revenue sharing is the option to earn more money than any other paid to click sites.

If you buy Ad Packs, it is considered as investment terms. You can make profits on buying these packs, and the benefit varies according to the sites. There are sites by which you can get 10% profit and even 50% profit too.

There are two conditions of revenue sharing; active sharing and passive sharing. Passive sharing is not reliable in all cases, and active sharing is similar to paid to click sites.

The best revenue sharing program is fortadpaysultimaterevshare, triplethr3at, Traffic Monsoon Rev Share, and My Traffic Revenue.

4. Earn By Vault Disney:

Disney Vault was initiated in 1937, and its first release was the Snow White released in cinemas. It is the principle of Vault Disney to restrict some home releases.

Hence you get the chance to earn at this point. How? This is the first question arise in any person’s mind.

When the animated movies are released in cinemas, after some duration of time they are put in the ‘Vault’ and is not made available in any stores or other option for several years.

If you have collected at the time of releasing, you can gain benefit after few years.

There is the demand of that releases after some years, and you can earn high amount at the time of re-releasing of that animated shows.

Keep in mind that what kind of movie you are choosing because not all the movies make an option for you to earn money.

Suppose you have got the movie at £24 during the releasing time, and after that, you can get £74 which are three times higher rate than the original price.

5. Rent Your body:

If you feel you won’t get jobs easily anymore now, you have the option to rent your body for earning. There are many ways by which you can make money quickly without any hesitations.

Thigh Vertice is the lucrative way of earning and initiated from Japan.

The women have to make temporary tattoos on her thigh and advertise for some companies. Thereafter some snaps are taken in different positions and are shared on social networking sites.

You can earn up to £80 per day for this kind of advertising.Take part to earn more money by renting other parts of the body along with the thighs.

Get permanent tattoos on any part of the body and learn more. I have seen the examples that people earn £7000-12000 for permanent tattoos on their part of the body.

Sell your hairs for wigs and get paid for the length of hairs that you supply. Different websites pay you distinctly according to the length of your hairs.

Until and unless you get into this work, examine all the strategies and criteria for keeping a step into these options.

Ways to Earn Money Online from Home

6. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk:

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is the part of Amazon for performing small tasks. It is not recommended more because it is not one of the ways for fast earners. No doubt you can earn well, but it may not fulfill your earning expectations.

You can sign up free, and the workers of Amazon will identify and study your bio data. After that, you can start the work, once you get an email of confirmation from them. 

The tasks are sometimes worthy and sometimes you will feel a waste of time, though you will be paid for every deed that you perform.

Work like writing a product description, describe the commodity in ten words, multiple choice survey, etc. For all these above-mentioned tasks, you will be paid about $1-5. You may be paid less than dollars i.e. in cents. Don’t expect for high pay rates.

You can sign up here mturk


7. Gigs On Fiverr:

If you are expert in some unique works or having any extra skills, then you can use it in money making an option.

Suppose you are having talents of singing, designing, sketching, drawing or writing than Fiverr provides you with the stage for earning money from home.

-Suggest diet plan by uploading videos and pictures, if you have the curvy body or muscular look.

-Marketing of your fashioned stuff and clothing.

-Enhance social profiles by editing skills.

-Sketch some funny characters.

-Promote some sites or blogs on social media sites.

-For every work you perform via Fiverr, you will get $5 on an average.

8. Claim Tax Back:

Nowadays there are many people who are working for the short period of time during their free time. And if you are a working student, you must be surely overpaying income tax.

If you are working along with the study, you can claim your tax back. Hence you can help out some people for reclaiming the tax by signing up with the organizations or companies.

9. Source Property For Wealthy Investors:

Make money by offering and searching the properties for the wealthy investors who don’t have much time for all such kinds of work. As the grossing era of property prices, there is much to gain from this work.

It is simple logic, gets the property area in below market value and after that offer it to the investors at a high price by your contacts.

This option is not for quick money earning, but once you get in touch with some investors, it is easy to make much money from this.

10. Busking:

If you have an extra skill of singing and dancing, then this option is for you to earn money. Many singers have initiated as busking along the streets.

There are no more tips to work this way, use your talent in a worthy way to earn.

Choose the place where you can show up your talent and gain real money via it. It is said that many buskers have received almost £20-30 per hour. You can earn as much as you can in this busking work.

11. Market Research:

You may find opportunities of the market research job at research agencies, commercial organizations, industrial areas or governmental research bodies. 

Market research has taken the great place in money making an option for the one who has good knowledge and can enthusiastically work in all situations.

If you have good ability to analyze and collect data according to the market trends and work as per it, then the work is for you. Knowledge in statistics and a computer will help you to work efficiently and earn with high pay rates.

Starting salary of the market researchers at the primary level is £15k and if you are at the having good experience and hired at a senior position than your salary pay rate can be £50k+ depending on the area you work.how to earn money online without investment

12. Avon Representative:

Avon is the brand of beauty products that deal with the customers directly or by conveyors. Avon Company creates glossy brochures that comprise of all new beauty products they have introduced newly.

You can get those brochures and show it to your family members, friends and get the orders from them and after that send it to the company.

They will ship all your orders directly. You can sell it online with around your peer and earn this by getting orders.You can earn as much as you sell the products and get the orders.

In today’s era of the internet, it is so easy to stay connected with the people and hence you can carry your business very well.

13. Clickworker:

Making money by clickworker is the way by performing some small tasks like writing, translating, collecting data, etc. You can work by maintaining different tasks that also holds the job of search engine evaluation.

There is the duration of time when you can get more bucks with lots of work, but sometimes you won’t get work and might not earn as always.

Hence depending on the availability of the work you can make money through clickworkers.

The payment is through PayPal for US residential and SEPA for non-US residential. You can make $10 on an average for each task, other than that it depends on your task that you accomplish.

14. Chef Work:

Yummmm!! If you are good at cooking special food items, you should make money by this option of being a chef. Many firms help to work, and you can individually work for this.

If your friends and relatives praise you, you should definitely try on for becoming a chef.

Prepare cakes and other baked dishes if you are good at it and take orders for any occasions. It is very easy if you can handle this task comfortably.

You can easily do this work as much as you can and effort you make in accomplishing. Prepare yummy meals and for the job workers those who don’t have the time of making it. Thus earn this way from home very efficiently and gather money.

15. Get Paid To Tweet:

There are many social sites by which you can make money. It is not necessary to have a blog, and you can earn only by its advertisement. No doubt you can get by advertising, but there are other options too by which you can earn via tweeter.

Tweet on some interesting links and next preferences are Sponsored services are ads services that allow you to decide price by yourself for price per clicks.

Choose such kind of ads that are regularly updated. You need 50 followers, 100 tweets account must be 60 days old for signing up MyLikes is the ad site that is available for Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr for your blog.

The advertisements will be tweeted from your account, and you will get multiple options for choosing those advertises. Earn almost $0.40-0.42 per click, and that is paid out weekly.

Similarly, there are other sites like Ad.ly, Rev Two, Twitter that helps you to earn by Twitter with various principles and conventionalities. Earn up to $20-30 by different sites.

16. Test People’s Sites And Apps:

These work opportunities are almost crowded and flooded because it is opted by many of the job seekers. You need to qualify for the jobs that are expected by the companies and other firms.

If you are once qualified for the work, you need to work with perfection or else you won’t get paid for the task which you haven’t completed precisely.

There are so many responsibilities according to the job if you apply for testing the sites and apps.

After testing the tasks, you will be paid after seven days via PayPal and eligible for all the countries. If you are proved as the good tester, you will get the chance to earn more through it.Online jobs to earn money without investment in India

17. Write And Publish Kindle eBooks:

Are you able to write something catchy that draws people towards your stories? Here is the earning option that makes good money by writing stories or any valuable articles.

Keep in mind some easy tips to write and publish Kindle eBooks:

  • Think from the readers’ point of view.
  • Target the audience or decide for whom are you writing the story.
  • Provide a platform to promote and getting feedbacks.

Initiate writing eBooks according to the writing criteria mentioned about the standard fonts, page breaks, etc.

Tools are needed for Kindle writing if you have not downloaded the application for writing and after that, you can do formatting.

For formatting, you should have good knowledge of HTML. You can do this yourself or pay someone to execute the formatting. There are two options for uploading; Kindle Direct Publishing or Don’t.

Upload your eBook.

18. Music Reviewer:

Evolve yourself as music journalist or analyst for music magazines or websites. Or you can work for your own publications or some industries that are related to music stories.

You must be aware of all the music types that are involved variedly. If you want to become a music journalist, you must have the journalism degree, marketing or any other fields related.

Many of them have started their website, blogs where they can update the reviews. So there is no need to work only for magazines or newspapers, you can also start working online.

Salary depends on the way you work in the industry. The average salary is $40,000 to $45,000. If you are well known or having the good experience, then you may get paid up to $80,000 per year.

19. Mobile Phone Recycling:

Mobile phones are the appliances that connect everyone in the world. It is the frequent need of each person nowadays. Hence you must have some mobiles that are unused and lying in any corner of the house.

Your family or the friends must have inactive mobile phones so that you can recycle them all. This indirectly helps the environment.

The condition of the mobile should be good enough when you make a deal with the firms or companies of recycling.

If the cell phones are new, i.e., the galaxy note onwards series or the iPhones may get $200-300. If the old phones are broken then, they are not accepted. You may get $10-20 for some mobiles.

20. Create Your Own Websites:

The knowledge and skills is an option for you to earn on a daily basis and thus if you need some guidance to -starting, then it is mentioned in four easy understandable points.

-There are only four easy steps to start up your website:

-Choose the appropriate domain name and register it.

-Set up your epitomised email address.

-Website Hosting.

-Opt the secure content management system (e.g.: word press)

21. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the way of promoting or marketing the commodities or appliances for the popular trending sites. Affiliate marketing works on the four chairpersons, and they are the retailer, networker, publisher (affiliate) and the vendors.Woman/girl with laptop describes that you can work at any time from home.

If you are working for any brand product or the sites, you can get 4-10% of the commission and earn this way. You need to sign up for your affiliate account and promote through this account. On selling of each product by your affiliation, you will gain 4-10% commission.

Depending on the work you bring off, you can as per it. Average pay rate is $45-50 on a daily basis. Hence you can sum up your monthly income accordingly.

Below Some of Popular Affiliate marketing sites list

22. Work As Charity Collector:

The reason behind charity collection must be valid and convey a strong message by which you can get more charity. Select such kind of organization that has different strategies to gather fund.

Some campaigns should be organized, and it will lead to donations. Also, maintain all those records from those you receive the donations. You can also train the volunteers who can work for fundraising work.

There are various campaigns such as for education; health care, social assistance and all are on state, local and private levels. All of them hold distinct pay rates. As per my study on the fundraising work, the fundraisers were paid about $40,000-$60,000.

All of them hold distinct pay rates. As per my study on the fundraising work, the fundraisers were paid about $40,000-$60,000.

23. Sell Your Old CD’s, Games, And Movies:

There are chances of your drawers or shelves full of CD’s or DVD’s; some might even have old books and video games in the other one.

Sometimes it’s tedious to arrange them all again and again. Thus I have the right option for you to get rid and earn money through it.

What’s not possible online? Buying, selling it is an easy everyday task for all nowadays. So why not sell your goodies that are unused and unwanted and earn. Many sites are working in collecting the junk and pay you for those junks.

Various sites have different criteria for selling or shipping the goods. If it is damaged you won’t get the cash or goodies back again, so pack them well before shipping it.

Before this, you need to confirm the selling price of the goods. If you are ok with the price for selling, you can further proceed to sell off.

As you are doing this all for the money? So here are the money rates for each item. These are just an average ratio; for CD”s: £1, £1.5 for DVDs and £15 for video games. 

The second-hand selling websites are Music Magpie, Amazon, CeX, WeBuyBooks, and GameXchange.

24. Advisor:

An advisor can be the one who has real interacting and interpreting skill or explains quickly over any subject or topics. To bring a solution to the problems of anyone is the work of the advisors.

There are different fields in which you can become legal advisors like debt, housing, employment, welfare, and education or you can also become a caseworker for any client.

Provide reliable information, advice correctly gives referrals, meditate, represent appropriately, administer; these all categories must be involved if you are working as the advisor.

Research, explain, interpret and think about all the possibilities and work as per the requirement of the client.

You can initiate salary rate from £15,000 and if you have more experience than you can reach up to almost £35,000.

25. Get Paid To Read Emails:

To start a secure income for part time work you can get into reading emails tasks. It is an easy way to earn without getting into any spam or fraud sites.

This is an easy earning option from home and gets paid finely by working relaxing.

Many companies sell lots of products, and thus they want to promote their products. The big business wants it to promote all over the world.

Hence people are required to read emails which contain different products details and descriptions.

There are six easy steps to start email reading work:

-Sign up with some companies

-Open the Email box, and you will get paid emails

-Click on link that is given inside and read those emails

-Stay for 30 seconds on website when you open the link

-You will get paid amount that is mentioned in paid email

-Audit your account anytime

-At an average, a person can earn $100-150 monthly. Putting an extra effort can lead up to $250.

26. YouTube Videos:

If you are YouTube lover, it is not as such easy to make money from it. But yet there are some options by which you can earn cool cash from YouTube. Here I have gathered few options for you to earn via YouTube.

For gaining traffic on website or blog

-Start to create your products

-Sell products of others’ by becoming affiliate marketer

-Create your web TV shows

-Become a YouTube Star

-Set up your videos with YouTube Partner Program

-Teach and share your knowledge

27. Network Marketing:

Network marketing is a business opportunity who wants to work in the extra time or as part-time jobs through which one can earn few hundred dollars.

In network marketing the owner gains commission from his/her, own sales revenue and similarly the appointed or hired recruits.

Some standards and strategies should be kept in mind by a network marketing marketer, and they are a below:

-Target Market

-Reason for establishing network marketing

-Do not convince or chase friends and families

-Don’t overwhelm marketing strategies at a time

-Learn every day something new and gain knowledge

-Make use of social media in your business

-Stay persistent

-Don’t give up

28. Get Cashback On Shopping:

Cash back, rebates; drawbacks are the traditional ways of earning money through online shopping. If you are purchasing something then why not get return other things in return?

Many sites work for cash back on online shopping:

The most trending online site is Swagbucks that offer you coupons and gift cards on purchasing any products. 

Through Be frugal site you can earn 30% cash back, and PayPal or gift cards deliver your payment. Coupon Cactus gives 30% cash back on each product you buy online.

Gather up to $10 and receive your payment via PayPal or cheque.

25% cash back is offered by Ebates on purchasing through site thus receive cash or redeem your earnings through email, PayPal deposits.

Extrabux is an online shopping site where you get 1-30% cash back, and hence you can redeem the account balance.

29. Sell Clothes On eBay:

None other earning option is easy then selling your clothes on eBay. There are many other options to earn online; of which reselling clothes is the easiest way of making via eBay.

Empty your closet and give away the clothes that you haven’t worn since last six months.

Women’s clothes of different categories are accepted by many of the online working sites. Some companies ask for shipping charges, while some of them are free. Your clothes should be good condition and properly laundered.

Each site accepts various brands and after that offers you commission with different percent rates. Go through the guidelines and terms or conditions of the site with whom you are dealing.

The most well-known site for reselling clothes is eBay. As it is an internet era, there are more other options for online reselling:

Material World, posh mark, ReFashioner, The Real Real, thredUP, Tradesy. All of them have various criteria and conditions.

30. Coach/ Tutor:

If you are wasting your time and knowledge by just relaxing, then here is the work waiting for you to make money. Use your teaching talents or coaching any person by different ways. This is the best option that you can opt and make use of your education.

Many sites are hiring people for teaching or coaching online. Choose your favorite subject on which you can do some easy tricks and teach someone effortlessly.

There are many benefits by working from home; comfortable you can work from home, there can be flexibility in your working hours, earning rates can be extra and much more; which you may experience by your own as and when you start the online teaching work.

31. Mystery Shopping:

Many companies and organizations are willing to know about the mind of customers, and even their employees are working genuinely or not.

These all are the questions arose in the mind of the man who handles the huge firms. Hence they hire mystery shoppers for auditing this work.

For this work, you have to prove in your local areas and interact with some people, ask some questions and gather information.

The mystery shoppers have to purchase the items on their own and when their duties are over the money are refunded into their account.

Money that you can earn by this work is about $5-50 for a job. Some mystery shoppers earn $100 per day. All it depends on the working hours and the work you overtake.

32. Online Surveys:

The easiest way that is opted by the people all over the world for earning money is online surveys that are without any investments. Make a good earning with paid online survey sites by sitting at home.

There are polls taken on many products or some other works which are run by large enterprises holding some brand. The common needs for working on online surveys are a PC/Laptop, internet connection, PayPal account and Gmail id; that’s it.

If any online survey sites ask for the registration fees than probably, there are chances of scam sites. So keep special eyes on these kinds of sites and do not register on it. Various online sites pay you variedly depending on the working hours.

You can check my article top 30 online paid survey site list

33. Buy And Sell Domain Names:

Selling and buying domain names is easy and great work that you can do from home. What are domains? It is the address for any website which is typed by the user for web browsing.

There are some benefits in this work because you can buy domains at low prices and sell them at high rates when any person requires it.

The new domain Worth’s for almost $10-15 from a domain registrar. These domains can be sold at higher prices, and you can gain lots of money from it.

You can buy the domains name from reputable registrars like Namecheap, Godaddy, and many other sites. These domains are needed to be renewed at the given time, or else you may lose it.

34. Micro Jobs From Home:

Straightforward and easy tasks are to be accomplished that comes under the micro jobs from home. This is one of the easy works that you can do by relaxing at home and as per your convenience. Many sites work on this and appoint people to work as the micro worker.

The tasks that you have to work over are; viewing videos, compare and identify images, comments on blogs, Photoshop, etc. Hence you can do this work at any time which is of few hours a day.

The micro jobs providing sites are Microworkers, Fiverr, Gigbucks, Swagbucks, Rapid workers.  Much more you can surf on, but before getting involved in any of the site; you should know whether it is legitimate or not.

35. Babysitting/ Baby care Work:

If you love to play and care the children, then you can start with babysitting work in your local areas. This job may give some handful of money. You may care at the owner’s house or at your own house too.

If you are starting the work at your own home, then there should be a wide area or extra rooms in your house. Initiate this work by caring the children of your friends and relative or the kids of your neighbors.

Start at the small scale, and after that, you can increase the number of children if you can manage them well. There is no need of extra skills, but you need to take care well and provide them food and snacks.

36. Online Coding Jobs:

If you are the master in working with numbers and alphabets, then you can dive as the coder for creating attractive and eye catching designs. By the use of HTML, the coder creates and develops the website, manages it and updates as and when required.

The coders’ works under the hand of webmasters and thus the webmaster’s guides and supports the team for designing. This work is found in any organizations, business or the schools.

There is not much demand for higher education for this work, the bachelor degree person in JAVA or CSS can work as the coder. Just keep yourself updated and gain knowledge according to the demand and changing era.

37. Earn By Playing Games:

If you are the teen, adult or any of the age; if you love playing games, then it’s time for you to earn money through it. So don’t feel that you are wasting time by playing games. Play but by applying over the sites that pay you for playing games.

It is joyful work that you can do anytime from home and in your free times. Both the maker and developer of the games want to know the game interest, and that can be concluded by playing the games.

Here are the games sites that will help you to apply for work; World Winner, Prize winners, bingo hall, Gamesville.

There are many other sites which you can search on and use on those sites. Read the terms and conditions or the guidelines before applying on any of the sites and make the proper amount of money.

Here is the end of the article and I hope you feel worthy after referring it. I have tried to gather some exclusive and uncommon ideas for earning from home.

They are quite easy, but all it depends on your interest and dedication towards any work. All these options are unique for any of you who have some skills or knowledge.

It is up to you that how you find easy ways to work from one of these above-mentioned options.Need not worry if you don’t have additional skills because I have also mentioned the options for you too. 

Pick the one that genuinely brings interest in you to work and complete it by earning some sort of money. Thank you for referring and studying the article. If you felt interesting or boring, show it in the comment box.