If you are at the stage of: “I have lost my PAN card, how to get it duplicate online” or surfing for a duplicate PAN card online official website then this post comes with the solution. Audit duplicate PAN card form, download and PANp card correction online. All that you need is described in this piece.

PAN card is must document for the candidates that are dealing with a high amount of transactions, having bank accounts and the one that are receiving government salaries. Each and every day we are benefited with many of the facilities and hence our work is getting easier.

Supposing that you are facing any problem of PAN card like lost or theft, damaged etc. For this all troublesome, you are benefited by many solutions. One of them is Duplicate PAN card that you can procure by online method. Even there are other options too. I have compiled them and mentioned below in detail.

For any category I.e. Individual/Trusts/HUF’s, you can apply for Duplicate PAN card or reprint it, if lost or damaged; follow the simple steps and guide mentioned below. If you are PAN card holder only then you are eligible to apply for this and majorly you have to provide the reason for reprinting. In such conditions, there is no change in the card number, but if any alteration provided it may change.

1. https://www.tin–nsdl.com/


Offline Procedure for Duplicate PAN Card is as follows:

The primary step is to Log in to the official page of TIN-NSDL and move on to Reprint option of PAN card.

Relying on Individual, trust or HUF; you have to choose the “apply” option for replacing or duplicate PAN card.

  • You will be on a page where they ask for detailed information about Permanent Account Number, address, name, contact number etc.
  • If you are applying for duplicate, you have to submit some legal documents like id proof, the birth date proof and photographs. Suppose you want to reprint then you have to input the card number of your current account.
  • For replacing, you have to pay some amount and that too depends on the communication area and the place where it is to be delivered that charges 179 Rs and if it is for out of India it has 989 Rs charges. As per your wish, you can process out the payment by net banking, debit or credit card or demand drafts.
  • When all the documents are submitted and verified, a confirmation letter or call will be sent. This contains 15 digits unique number that will be required for any future agreements with the authorities.
  • Your post will be handed over to you within or after 2 weeks.

Online Steps for Duplicate PAN card tin-nsdl Application Form:

  • Initiate by Clicking on www.tin-nsdl.com, you will have the page that contains many options and click on to Apply Online.
  • Secondly, you will find multiple options. Here you have to select the “Application Type” and choose the third option that has the choice of “Change or Correction in Existing PAN Date/Print of PAN card.

How to Apply for Duplicate PAN card Step 1

  • Depending on company or individuals, you have to select the relevant option of “Category”.

How to Apply for Duplicate PAN card step 2

  • The applicant has to input the required details. Foremost the ‘Title’.
  • Add your Last name, Middle name and respectively the other info that is mandatory.
  • Enter the details about your Date of birth, month and year.
  • Lastly, you have to submit your contact number and email address whether it is of India or outside the country.
  • The last but not the least, you have to check all the details and enter the captcha image. Submit the info and hence the work is completed.
  • You will get the option of payment. Click on it and move on the further process.
  • Suppose you miss out the payment or due to some reason the payment process does not get complete, you may return back and repeat the same procedure.
  • If you get completed with the payment, navigate to the save and print option.
  • Scan two photos and submit it to the form and the signature of an applicant is need to be done in the box.

How to Apply for Duplicate PAN card step7

  • Attach the mentioned documents and post to the NSDL e-govt Site.

If you choose the option of Digital Signature certificate, you have to scan all the documents and photo and submit it. Check all the documents that are needed and give as per requirement, because you may face errors if it is not done so.

For Online Duplicate PAN card via utiitsl:

There are some easy steps, that you can complete it within a small duration of time. As India is now diverting towards Digital options, you are getting more easy ways that can be accomplished by your own way rather than scraping your shoes at the various offices. Follow the given step with images that will fulfil your doubts and get clear ideas to log in and another process.

  • Firstly Log in over PAN Online Application Form.

1.Secondly There will be multiple options, here you have to click on Status of applicant box. According to your requirement click on the right option. Eg: Individual, Trust or company etc.

Apply by online UTIISL step1

2. Add the information of Date of Birth, gender and other details respectively.

3. Now you come up to adding the info of contact number and address.

Apply by online UTIISL step3

5. Select the choice of a document that you are moving on to submit over them that holds DOB information, Address proof and identity proof.

Apply by online UTIISL step4

6. Verify it and you have to SUBMIT the given data and navigate to “MAKE PAYMENT” option.

7. As per your wish choose the option of Net Banking or Demand Draft.

Apply by online UTIISL

Other further steps are similar to as that are mentioned in the above first option of Applying for Duplicate PAN card of tin-nsdl.

I hope this information fulfilled your questions and helped you out to solve queries. If I have missed out some necessary information you are free to suggest it in comment box.