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King Cobra Information & Facts 

As we know King Cobra is a snake with a length of maximum 18.5 feet. It is a very dangerous and called as a venomous creature in the world. King Cobra is so dangerous that if it bites any human, the death of that person is possible if not treated soon. Elapids are quite different from that of vipers.

The king cobras in a group are called Quiver. They lay eggs in the nest that is prepared by cobra’s itself. The diet of king cobras is other snakes that are without venom. If the snake swallows large vertebrates, they can live for many months. Because their digestion activity is very slow.

King Cobras average life is about 20 years. They lay eggs in 15 to 20 numbers. The two snakes mates and breeding take place for days in the same position by twisting body with each other. The king cobra is not just expert at climbing trees and slithering on land. It can also swim and so it is usually found near water.

If you provoke cobra, it is very dangerous. Suppose king cobra attacks, the nervous system of the victim is at once induced and severe pain with blur vision, drowsiness and paralysis are observed. Cardiovascular collapse occurs and the victim falls into a coma. Death soon follows due to respiratory failure. 

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