If you are and a South Korean citizen or new at such place and want to know about trading stock exchange holidays or working hours, you have landed at the right place. As this post has all the information and details that you require especially about holidays and hours of opening and closing of Korea Stock Exchange. 

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The South Korea Stock Exchange (KRX) is a stock exchange located in Seoul, South Korea with a market capitalization of $1.33 Trillion. The South Korea Stock Exchange is open five days a week for six and one-half hours per day and is closed for fourteen holidays per year.

Korea Exchange Holidays – 2018

No Date Holiday
1 January – 27Friday Seollal
2 January – 30Monday Seollal
3 March – 1Wednesday Independence Movement Day
4 May – 1Monday Labor Day
5 May – 3Wednesday Buddha’s Birthday
6 May – 5Friday Children’s Day
7 June – 6Tuesday Memorial Day
8 August – 15Tuesday Liberation Day
9 October – 3Tuesday Mid-Autumn Festival Day
10 October – 4Wednesday Mid-Autumn Festival Day
11 October – 5Thursday Mid-Autumn Festival Day
12 October – 6Friday Mid-Autumn Festival Day
13 October – 9Monday Hangeul Proclamation Day
14 December – 20Wednesday Holiday
15 December – 25Monday Christmas
16 December – 29Friday Holiday


krx holidays calendar image

South Korea Stock Exchange Opening Hours for 2018

Sunday Closed
Monday – 
Tuesday – 
Wednesday – 
Thursday – 
Friday – 
Saturday Closed