List of Acura Car Models

If you are a luxurious car lover, then here is the Car company named Acura that is Japanese automaker, Honda. In the year 1986 March, the brand was launched in the United States and Canada for marketing luxurious car and high-performance vehicles.

In the year 1991, Hong Kong was introduced by this company, in 2006 China, Russia in 2014 and Kuwait in 2015 and some of them are also sold in Ukraine. The history states that Honda had planned to suggest Acura to the Japanese Domestic Market in the year 2008, but the deal was postponed and delayed due to some financial problems faced by the company.

From the year 1980’s company has produced the luxurious cars and all of the models have been succeeded the market luxury and performance. Acura is well-known for one of the best-selling cars in United States Of America. If you notice the Acura Cars always ends with the letter X and consists 3 letters in their latest top lines. 

In the year 2000, Acura launched its new models, that includes the first model SUV, then comes MDX and the other two models that overruled and replaced the cars like Integra coupé and sedan were the RSX and TSX models.  In 2007 the company introduced the RDX that was a good featured car in Northern America and known for using the turbocharged Honda Engine. 

In the Year 2010, Acura launched some more cars ILX, TLX, and RLX. In 2015, the second generation car was launched with some additional features and twin-turbocharged mid-engine.

By the year when Acura company was found, they took part in the American motorsports like Sports Car Club of America or SCCA and the IMSA GT Championship series continuously. But in the year 2012-2013 the company was unable to take part because of the engine problems and its upgrade. Well, that was not the end of the company to take part in the races, the company was back in the 24 hours race, 2014 with its ILX model in California. Thus Acura then stood at the eighth place in the categories for winning.

The company shows their success and come back with really new and upgraded features. Thus the brand name is just perfect and provides the luxurious performance in the well-known cars list.  


Full List of Acura Car Models and Variants:


Car Name Production Year
Acura Integra 1985 to 2006
Acura NSX 1990–2005 (first generation)
Acura TSX 2003-2014
Acura Vigor 1981-1995
Acura Legend 1986–1995
Acura TL 1995-2014

Acura’s Sedan model:

  • Acura RL

Acura’s Coupe model:

  • Acura CL

Acura’s Compact models:

  • Acura RSX
  • Acura EL

Acura’s Luxury model:

  • Acura CSX

Acura’s Race car model:

  • Acura ARX-01/HPD ARX-01
  • Acura ARX-02a

Acura’s Crossover model:

  • Acura ZDX

Acura’s Cars Model List With Year:

  • 2000–present MDX (luxury SUV)
  • 2006–present RDX (crossover SUV)
  • 2013–present ILX (compact sedan, successor to the Integra)
  • 2013–present RLX (full-size luxury sedan, replaces RL)
  • 2014–present TLX (mid-size sports sedan, replaces TL and TSX)
  • 2017–present NSX (exotic sports car, successor to 1st-gen NSX)

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