NewZealand Stock Exchange Holidays

If you are a citizen of NewZealand or living in NZ and trading in a stock exchange, then I am sure you must be searching for NewZealand Stock Exchange Holidays. So I have summarized all those holidays of the year 2017, so you will easily get an idea about the Stock Exchange Holidays.


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The New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) is a stock exchange located in Wellington, New Zealand with a market cap of $84.38 Billion.The New Zealand Stock Exchange is open five days per week for seven hours per day and is closed for fifteen holidays per year.

New Zealand Stock Exchange Holidays 2019
No Month Day Week Day Holiday
1 January 2 Monday New Year’s Day (Observed)
2 January 3 Tuesday New Year’s Day (Observed)
3 February 6 Monday Waitangi Day
4 April 14 Friday Good Friday
5 April 17 Monday Easter Monday
6 April 25 Tuesday Anzac Day
7 June 5 Monday Queen’s Birthday
8 October 23 Monday Labor Day
9 December 25 Monday Christmas
10 December 26 Tuesday Boxing Day

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New Zealand Stock Exchange Opening Hours for 2018
Sunday Closed
Monday – 
Tuesday – 
Wednesday – 
Thursday – 
Friday – 
Saturday Closed

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