If you think you have wasted your time since the 2018 year begun, then here is the one best option that you won’t regret further more and at the end of the year, you will have a bag with money to enjoy and spend up for your expenses.

Paid survey sites are the best option that suits the stay home people or the job workers to make extra money. The time you wake up from the bed till you again go to sleep; there are plenty of things and products on which you can take the survey and earn through it. 

Share your suggestions and reviews on beauty products, kitchen wares, daily using commodities, clothes, blankets, washing detergents, liquids, etc. There is a wide range of options on which many companies offer you the job of surveying all around.

paid survey online jobs

Paid survey online jobs

Pointing out about the views that are in your mind and getting earned is the easy way to make money. Answer to the few questions and make $5-10 for each survey. Rather the suggestions are positive or negative; all are accepted.

So if you are wasting your time in any nonsense or junk sites, pull your screen down and make some worthy use of your free time. The number of companies is growing drastically, and all are in search of feedbacks of their products or other kinds of stuff. 


Requirements And Key Points for the survey jobs from home are as such:

  • Laptop/Pc with an internet connection.
  • A Gmail account or email address to sign up.
  • PayPal or Payza account for payment.
  • Keep an eye on the email that you will receive daily for the survey.

Be aware of scam site and detect it by following ways:

  • Don’t pay a single penny for signing up on any of the sites. Mostly the paying fees during registration are scam sites.Without paying signup fee, step forward for registration.
  • If the payment method is complicated, you should not go ahead with these types of sites. The payment plan is unclear; it straightly means that the site is a scam.
  • If the survey site is a scam, they fix their minimum cash out very high so that it is not possible to achieve through the small studies they provided.
  • Check whether the site is legitimate by viewing the feedback and reviews. Go through the people’s opinion of the site and decide whether to work on the site. If there are more negative reviews than the positive one; then there is a possibility of the scam, and for sure the positive reviews are/can be purchased.
  • Suppose you can’t find the payment proof of the site then there are chances of fraud.
    paid online survey task site list

How To Detect Legitimate Survey Sites- Identify Genuine Paid Survey Website:

  • The signup process is free, and some sites offer you rewards on registration.
  • Determine the sites with the payment proofs which are a sign of legitimate survey sites.
  • Shares on social media resemble the legitimacy of the site so that you can share with friends. Facebook, Twitters are the social sites where you can connect with the members of the site and get information.

It is not necessary to go on for only one review site. You can have multiple options by signing up with different email addresses. Add all the details as the signup process requires so that they will provide you surveys as per the terms of interest and by some other means.

Observe the sites which I have brought up to you after many types of research and put your finger on the best options by examining your interest in any surveys. Whether you earn through one or multiple survey sites, you have to log in every day and show your active presence to work overall studies provided to you.

Detailed information of all the Survey sites is as mentioned below:

1: E-poll

The job seekers of age more than 13 or 14 are welcomed by the e-poll panel company to make money at least for their bread and butter living. It is one the best-recommended survey site and so I have kept it in the first position of the list.

The company has boosted its survey work in a wide range i.e. from the industrial range up to pharmaceutical companies etc. So you can get varied options to grab up on and make money through it.

This company has built up a high reputation in E-marketing or surveys. The e-poll that was a pioneer of online surveys in 1997 has boosted its market in the online research industry. Philpot Gerry, the founder, and president of e-poll Company was in TV and entertainment industry. Therefore the key highlight is on media.

The definite plus feature of this site is free membership, but the candidates of unites states are only accepted. The form filling procedure which is a very initializing step and thereby following the details that are asked you as per requirements. Thus confirming through email the application is considered valid.

An invitation is sent via email to participate in the survey; you have to provide all the information and requirements and complete the task. You will be rewarded on completion of your study. As you complete it, you will be rewarded about 100 points and so on according to the survey you have accomplished. You can gain 500-1000 points on an average for a survey.

The rare surveys are of watching TV programs and reviewing, but they are mostly paid surveys. These surveys are mostly of 10-15 minutes. It sounds interesting when on a side you can talk and on the other way, there is TV program on.

The other emails which consist of the surveys that you have to take off the customers for some newly launched products. Well-known and branded companies manufacture These products, and they want the customer reviews and feedbacks.

Thus to survive and rank in the market these companies take surveys of the customers and make an improvement if required. For this task, a team is needed because it’s not so easy to take surveys on wide area or range of one person.

If it is the small survey, you can earn up to $2-5. So monthly you can expect your making about $60-100.

online survey work

Paid online survey site list

2: Harrispoll Online

A Harris Interactive company of New York is legitimate in the market research business. It is one of the most genuine paid survey panels and sanctioned for countries like the USA, U.K, and Canada.

The founder of the company Dr. Gordon Black in 1975 has continued with it, but then it was overruled by the name of Louis Harries that was taken by Garnett Corporation in 1996. Finally, it was designated as Harris Black International Ltd.

For your information, these companies are rated by BBB i.e. Better Business Bureaus in which Harris poll is not accredited (authorized). But do not go to this foul play. Many legitimate companies are not authorized but though they have the good reputation in the market.

Candidates more than 18+ are registered as the member of survey panels. Input your valid email address and go on for the work. No fee for membership and you can continue or leave as per your wish.

Accomplish your registration by filling all the details that they ask you to fill in the form. Some more information, suppose your shopping habits and your likes and willingness to any work which will provide easiness to them for giving you surveys.

Your qualification and other details will decide what kind of reviews will be fitted for you and how many surveys will be given to you. These features will be beneficial to you because at some instant of time you might feel of work that is not qualified for you.

Gather the points that are called as HIpoints by the programs and which are converted to rewards. A plus point of this site is that you can know; how much points you are going to gain on completing the task and how much time it will take to complete it.

No worries if you are not qualified for the survey; because you can still gain points through it.

Earn e-vouchers for free from Amazon, e-bay, etc. by earning points. Earn 1250 points and get the vouchers on it. Many of the times you can make only $0.15-2, but you can earn more by gift cards and other rewards.

Just within 5minutes, you can complete the survey if it is the short or small survey. The maximum you have to spend 20 minutes on an extended survey. But I am sure you won’t get bored on accomplishing the polls.

Make clear idea in your mind that you are not going to get the rewards worth more than $10. But that is more than enough, and even you can donate your points, and that will be credited in the list of HP’s website.

The surveys that are sometimes ethnic and religious; but are more overly focused on fashion stuff, groceries, movies, music, etc. It is for sure that you will enjoy taking surveys by maintaining efforts to it.

survey work providing site list

survey work which will pay

3: Global Test Market

A company operated since 1999 and run by Lightspeed Research is BBB accredited in 2004 which proves its legitimacy in the research market and earning source survey panel.

The surveys of global test market range in the wide area from consumer products to cars and movies to restaurants. More than 1400 companies across 60 countries are under global test Market Company.

Free membership and services will be provided to the candidates who could participate in the survey and applying for it which is a benefit for registration. This company undertakes all categories reviews, so you should remain flexible to work with any kind of studies, but it will be mainly as per the terms of interest too.

You have to deal with the questions that are given during surveys and earn accordingly. As much answers you respond, you have more chances to make extra pocket money.

Moreover, the payment you receive on one survey is about $10, and you can reach up to $60 depending on the work you accomplish. The company is spread over the vast area in the research market so you can get many nice options to work over.

It might take some days for the payment, but it is sure that you will get your payment for each survey that you have conducted. There is cash drawing system for the candidates that have participated, and it is an automatic process of the company.

Similarly, there is sweepstakes method that is provided by the business for all the participants. This cash drawings and sweepstakes are for the alternate option in place of money payments.

The notification of the surveys is sent to the email address that you have provided, and probably you will get 2-3 emails daily based on the terms of your interest.

4: Toluna Surveys

Fredric-Charles Petit founded the toluna surveys company that is globally working in 2000. Headquarter of the Toluna Survey Company is in Paris, France. The Toluna Group have owned the company and is Dallas-based Market Research Company.

800 employees are working with this company which shows the proper reputation of it on the worldwide range. It is one of the most famous companies that are based on paid surveys. The company is spread over countries like France, Germany, Israel, Toronto, Australia, India, Sydney.

The users when get started for membership which is free similar to other sites. There is no other information required to fill in the form. Just with your consent if required you can mention. You can choose the survey type according to your choice and interest.

The company offers you to work from home by testing the products. The products are such as testing toothbrushes; makeup products, deodorants, and other commodities, etc. Users are allowed to choose as per the interest and have to give feedback after using it.

An age group more than 18 is considered valid for membership and allowed to work on the surveys allotted by the company. On completion of the survey provided to you; you will be paid for each survey conducted. You can earn from few pennies to some dollars per survey undertaken.

Toluna offers gift cards and certificates from retailers like Amazon, eBay, iTunes, Tango, Starbucks, etc. You have to achieve the target of 30,000 points or $10 for the gift certificates. For getting payment through PayPal i.e. $30, you have to earn 90,000 points.

5: Valued Opinions

Valued Opinion is a BBB accredited survey company that is owned by Research Now Ltd., is one of the most well-known business company in research and survey panel. As it is a BBB accredited company, so considered as legitimate paid survey company.

Members of US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Ireland are allowed to take part in the surveys. The registration in the company is completely free, and you can continue with free services by filling the essential details in the form.

The details of the survey that you have to conduct will be provided via emails that you have submitted during registration. The surveys are such as on food, beverages, beauty products, media, entertainment, travel. You can receive 5-6 surveys per week and sometimes even more.

Minimum times for the reviews are 15-20 minutes, but if you are invited for the paid surveys, it may take 40 minutes to 1hour to accomplish. You will be paid according to the each survey that is conducted.

On an average for each survey, you will earn up to $5. There are some special surveys too that are having higher paid rates. $50 or more can be obtained by the special surveys that are undertaken by you. If you complete those surveys, you will be rewarded with 28 days and credits will be in your Valued Opinion account.

If you work for 3-5 weeks, and your average survey pay rate is $3, you can gather $20, and that is the minimum amount you required for cash out. Redeem your gifts when you accumulate $20 in your account. You will instantly get the gift certificates when you redeem it, just in few seconds.

6: Ipsos Survey Panel:

An online paid survey which is the one of the largest survey panel run by Ipsos division in the market research firms. Give suggestions on any branded products and earn through it.

The company is not limited to taking surveys in only branded products but also spread over advertising and entertainment and some other industries too. Share the suggestions and redeem the rewards.

Candidates from the USA, UK, and Canada, are considered valid for the membership in the survey company. And if your age is less than 18, you might be not allowed to apply for it.

Candidates from the USA, UK, and Canada, are considered valid for the membership in the survey company. And if your age is less than 18, you might be not allowed to apply for it.

Get activated by answering some questions that are usually required for the registration and specify your email address for the confirmation. This all process may take few minutes to complete and start.

Ipsos i-say just focuses on surveys only while other companies may offer you some trials for products. This trial is not by Ipsos Company provided for the work; it’s different from those company of survey. Surveys are given to you through emails depending whether you are qualified for it or not.

The dashboard is a useful feature of the site so that you can choose the survey that you want to take. You will get 5 points just for qualifying and try it, continue with it for some while and you will gain enough points through it.

There are polls and poll predictors after the completion of the survey that is conducted by you. Just by answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ you can’t get points for it. By prediction, you can get the chance for rewards on how close you can guess.

100 points are considered as $1, and various awards have different offers that depend on points that you can redeem. Instant deliveries of the cash on points that are given by various companies are as such:

Starbucks pays $5 for 500 points, Facebook game and eCard gives $5 for 500 points, $15 for target gift card on 1500 points, $10 for Amazon cards on 1000 points. These are instantly paid.

Some other like PayPal funds pays $15 for 1500 points over 1-3 weeks, and Choice Visa Prepaid Cards gives $20 for 2000 points that arrive after 3-4 weeks.

7: Opinion Outpost

It’s human nature to try the best product that is available in the market. The best quality is given more priority and accepted highly by the people. So to confirm companies take the best commodities, surveys and get the reviews.

Opinion Outpost is the bridge between the consumers and companies because they hire the candidates that can take the survey and get the feedback from the consumer for better improvement if needed.

What free sign up with some common essential details is the process of registration which is very easy to start up with opinion outpost. Promote your favorite brand just by taking surveys and giving reviews about the products from consumers.

Earning points and getting cash by gathering them is an easy way of income by sitting at home or in any free time. Take surveys on medicines, advertisements, electronics, appliances, entertainment, sports, and food beverages and make money by giving suggestions on it.

The surveys are allotted to you via email based on some answers that you have given during the form filling process. The form when filled does not require more personal details. This is the reputed company and cares about their members and has concern for the safety of candidates.

Sign up, create an account and check terms and conditions finish the sign-up the process. That’s it! You are now able to work with opinion outpost and take surveys by the survey that are provided to you through email. Suggestions are important for the companies to bring changes if necessary.

Minimum cash out for the points required is 100 i.e. $10 via PayPal. Other options like cheques are also provided by some companies which can take several weeks. Amazon gives $5 gift cards on 50 points.

8: Mindfield Online Surveys

The company owned by McMillion Research LLC is the genuine company of US that is specialized in data collection and survey sites business. It is from 30 plus years in the market research business.

CASRO. Org and American Marketing Association are the US registration organization of which the McMillion is established and have reputed position in the market. The company has started door to door business by taking surveys at its initial start of business.

The online panel of McMillion Research was launched in 2000 that became most popular data collection business. The company became biggest consumer center in the US and accommodated groups for more data collection work.

Something you will not like about this site is that there is no free sign up here. Further the process of registration is simple that will take just a few minutes of yours. You will get the new account after the end of the registration process. An email will be sent to you for starting up your new account activation.

The members who apply for the site are needed to fill the member profile page, but you won’t be paid for filling it. By updating some of your details, you will be qualified for different survey opportunities. Keep an eye on emails and stay active so that you won’t miss the surveys sent on your email id.

Get direct cash on working over each survey. Each survey takes 5-20 minutes to accomplish that you can see in your account. You will get the chance to become part of a focus group. Grab that chance because it is the highest task possibly to earn through it, almost $100.

The minimum cash paid to you is $5 via PayPal within 5-10 days. It takes 4-6 weeks to deliver the cheque of about $10. If the candidates increase in the company by referral of you to your friends, family, or any other members, you will be paid $1 for it.

The company open for USA and Canada residents have the good option of sweepstakes in which the employee gets a chance to win $500.

9: VIP Voice Online Surveys:

NPD Group now operates a company that was founded in 1967 is an online research panel. The company possesses over 3 million active users on its panel.

VIP Voice surveys are associated with many top leading companies to help them for improving the product, price, and other essential qualities that are needed to be changed as per the demand of consumers.

Annually VIP Voice conducts more than 12 million surveys that help the leading branded companies to improve over their product quality, price, marketing, sales, etc.

The VIP Voice is a survey company that is spread over the huge area from home appliances, beauty products, accessories, electronics, food and beverages, automotive, sports, toys and video games.

The membership process is entirely different than other sites. You have to go through various levels and have to explain the levels to earn points. Suppose if you complete 20 surveys, you will get 200 points reward. This starts from level 1 and completes all the five levels.

VIP Voice is not similar to other sites in case of payment method. It does not pay through PayPal or offer rewards. Instead, the candidates can earn points through sweepstakes and BidLand. Sweepstakes help the users to earn cash and use some products for free while the BidLand helps them to bid for products in auctions.

Many users can win monthly and earn VIP points. Rather than making cash and gift cards, VIP Voice gives VIP Points. Winning monthly prizes is very rare, but the prizes are such as cameras, mp3 speakers, recorders, etc.

10: Opinion Plus

Though it is a new survey site, it has an excellent establishment in the inquiry panel business. The candidates more than 15 from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany are sanctioned for the site jobs. Opinion Plus is one of the leading survey panel companies in the research market.

The membership registration is entirely free. The moment you get registered and submit your email address, you can start taking surveys. They will provide the surveys that you have to conduct. 2-3 surveys are the minimum survey invitations that are sent to you on email id. Minimum time each survey takes about 15 minutes.

On signing up, you will be able to earn $2 as the bonus. Confirm your email id and get started to work for the surveys that are provided by them. You need to pass the screening test to work over the surveys that are sent to you. You have to try for the other survey if you don’t qualify for the one. Earn by the surveys that you are qualified and completed.

For each survey you complete, you will be paid for it. Minimum $10 should be collected in your account. PayPal makes the payment at the end of every month.

11: Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a survey site of El, Segundo which belongs to California that works on online research Market Company. Different online survey activities help to earn points in various ways.

Earn the rewards by working on activities like shopping, watching videos, printing coupons, playing games, web searching. Log in and become the member, after that, you will find the options like the watch, search, play, answer, shop, discover.

You can earn by searching i.e. by using Swagbucks as the search engine instead of the regular one.

Shop online via Swagbucks and get cashback on purchasing by Amazon, eBay, Walmart.

->Watch videos and, news, entertainment and earn credits.

->Answer for the questions that are available on Swagbucks survey sites.

->Refer to the friends, family and make 10% more.

You can redeem the SB’s in two options that are gift cards or cash of which approximately 1SB worth 1cent. It takes almost 10-15 days to receive payments that are in US bucks. Attributes are $50, 100 and 250.

Solicit for rewards to the retailers like Amazon, Starbucks and much more. As if you request for E-cards, it will award within ten days. Some more options like Facebook credits, iTunes cards, and hotel credits can also be appealed. There is also the feature of donating the SB points.

PopulusLive Surveys:

Formerly company PopulusLive surveys were initiated as website and marketing and then took over in 2010. PopulusLive has owned the company. It is the company that majorly works for the citizens living in UK, USA.

Company background information says that PopulusLive limited is working since 15 years in this business field. Millions of euros are reported in their firm and providing work to the needy people who apply to the site.

Step in by free registration process and get your rewards on completion. £5 is the cash that is accounted for membership. Perceive the email on joining and start by inputting some simple information. As per your wish, you can unsubscribe through the site.

Earning £5 for approximately 5minutes is quite difficult at the initial stage. But you should not step back rather than try by working on the site. The estimated time is 5 minutes; sometimes it might take more time for the surveys to complete.

You might face some distraction and consume more time than 10 minutes to accomplish the survey. Completing your surveys in given time affects the pay rate. It’s not the bad amount to earn £8-10 per hourly.

12: Crowdology Survey

UK based company of Redshift Research Ltd is the survey panel business that pays you on completing each survey. Membership and registration are free, and no fees are taken for joining. This shows the primary legitimacy of the company.

Mainly there are two processes by which you can earn money through crowd logs site; they are online surveys and referral programs.

Usually, the survey length time is of 10-15 minutes, and you are as soon as paid for each survey you accomplish. Earn about 0.4 cents to $10 for the survey you conduct that depends on the length.

Before you start the survey, the paying amount is already mentioned by which you can get the idea whether to participate or not. Commonly for a survey $10 is unusual, but it is realistic payment of the panel for taking the survey for about 30 minutes.

Referral programs: Refer and invite your friends, family members and other people to the website. This will make you earn a pretty good amount of about $5, but you can draw only for Amazon vouchers that worth’s about $10.

Sorry to say but as per my search this referral programs are quite inconvenient. This is my point of view if you get interested; you can go ahead to work on it.

Get payment through either PayPal or Amazon gift vouchers. Opt for any one option for payment as per your wish.

13: MintVine

The survey panel company that works for UK, USA and hires the candidates from those two countries. It is bit okay survey company to work. The content is unbiased, so if you are interested; you can work and earn through this survey site.

It’s easy to register and log into a Facebook account. There is no hassle procedure of trying something and qualifying for surveys. The registration is simple and easy to start up.

Prefer the right option of your concern and get paid, instead of chasing for various ways; try to stick with the one which you can perform in the better manner. The different options are; Taking Surveys, Offers, Local Deals, MVP or Referral Programs.

Taking Surveys: Work for 15 to 20 minutes and get almost 70 points for completing the survey. This mentioned figures might change as per the length of the survey.

If we suppose working hours for any survey, it can be concluded that a person can approximately earn the figured amount. Working for 5 minutes for a survey makes your 20 points and that is equal to $4 for 400 points. Similarly, if you work for 8 hours, you can earn up to $30-35 per day and follow the calculation for a month.

Offers: Download an app; join the membership or free trials for earning income through free offers option of MintVine. There are two options to choose i.e. paid offers and free offers.Free offers are for the actions that you have completed. There are not many bucks paid for free offers, but they are free.

In paid surveys, you need to pay $1 and earn points; after that, you have to earn 100 points, or you have to face loss. You will get $2.4 in return if you pay $1; it means you can get the profit of $1.4. Before the expiration of trails, you have to cancel it.

Local Deals: For local deals, you have to go through the demographic data submission about yourself. In local deals, you can get the chance to pay 50% of the item. The original price of the product is lessened to half, and you will get earning points extra. This is possible if you have MintVine points.

MVP or Referral Programs: Refer to the people surrounding you for the website and earn to work for this type. If you are expert to get referrals for the survey site, then this is the chance for you to take on.

It is quite difficult to get referrals; instead, you can build your website which can be the easier option.

Prolific Academic: An Isis Innovation of Oxford University is the research panel that helps to complete the studies and earn for helping and encouraging the advanced knowledge.  Unlike other sites, Prolific Academic focuses on studies which are dissimilar to others and helps the University for their Course Work.

Registrations of the survey sites are free if it is legitimate, as this site is legitimate; here is the free registration with some initial questions. The time lengths of the surveys are few minutes to hours.

£5 is paid via PayPal for the survey on accomplishment. A small fee is charged, but if you wait until getting £20, you won’t get any charges.

14: MySurvey

Candidates from UK, Ireland, US, Australia, and Canada are eligible to work on this site and must have 16+ age to continue with it. The company has its branches in more than 70 countries.

The former company known as MySurvey was named as National Family Opinion or NFO. In 1946 it was started in the USA and conducting surveys.

Verify whether you are eligible for your resident country and register on the site that takes few minutes. If you are qualified for the survey, you will receive the email after registration depending if the surveys are available for you or not. Normally the surveys are of 10 minutes, but many are longer too.

Earn by testing some products and commodities, take webcam surveys and refer to friends, families which are the options of MySurvey panel. There is one more way i.e. bonus sweepstakes opportunities in which randomly few members are selected, and the prize is given to members that are qualified.

Earn up to 1100 points that are equal to $10 and cash out payment through PayPal. Instead of redeeming the points, you can also go for the option of getting gift cards and prizes.

15: Panelbase Survey

A UK based company operated by Dipsticks Research Ltd. is an online survey panel firm. It is eligible for the citizens of England having age more than 16.

Straightforward and easy joining on the site makes your way easy for earning. Sign up on www. Panelbase.net and click on the option that is visible on the page i.e. ‘click here to join now.’

For creating the account on the survey site, you need to input your name, email address, and some other personal details. The confirmation of your registration will be sent soon to your email address.

You will reap £3 on registration in your account. If you wish, you can fill more details of given questions, and they are as such; holiday preference, household information, etc. you can answer some of them or more. These details will lead you to conduct the survey as much as possible.

Specification of the duration that will take to complete the questionnaire will be mentioned in email sent by the surveyors. The one which is quite hassling that is the pre-screening process for qualification of the survey.

Depending on varied reviews for different topics and matters, you will get paid. The survey length decides the bucks that you can earn on accomplishment. Earn from few pence up to more euros and if you are not qualified, you can get the prize of withdrawing £50 in a month.

Receive your payments by bank account, by cheques on address or vouchers. Panelbase.net receives an email of cash withdrawal. It can take 10-30 days for cash payment.

16: OnePoll

OnePoll is the firm founded in 2002 by British Based Research Market that is considered as UK’s well-known independent press agency. It is located in Filton, Bristol.

Joining is as simple as other sites; it is free and quite easy. Similarly, you have to fill some forms that indicate the standard method of all locations. These details will suppose to make easy to work over the surveys that you will deal with. The unfavorable point is the site does not send emails, instead, you have to login, and this takes consumes times.

Various ways to earn through OnePoll Site:

Surveys: Start taking surveys by logging in into your account and if surveys are listed along with the Bucks you can make, then complete the survey according to your interest. The subjects of the surveys are food, work, health, current affairs, etc. The answer to the multiple choice questions that are asked.

Most probably you can get one survey per day or sometimes two. The surveys are not fixed; you can also get two surveys per week. Earn £0.10-0.40 for each survey that is completed by you and it’s rare to earn more than this.

Referral Programs: Invite your ten friends or family members to earn cash by referral program. Before earning £4 for each referral, you have to complete the other tasks like; if someone registers and conducts a survey and you earn up to 50 pence, £1 if someone has earned up to £20 under your referral and £2.5 if the candidate under you makes £40.

17: Sweepstakes

This is not kind of survey and does not pay cash for it. These are said as competition surveys and depends whether you are interested or not. On completing surveys, the participants will be qualified on draw basis and can win cash of £100-1000.

Get payment through bank accounts or PayPal account; you can even choose cheque option. Almost it takes 28 days for arrival of the payment or sometimes less than it.

18: PineCone

PineCone Research is the firm procured by Nielsen Company. It is BBB accredited company and having D rating of A+ to F ratings. So, you can earn good bucks through PineCone Research Company.

Sign up on this site by clicking join now an option on their homepage. If registration is closed temporarily, you can try later again another time. After registration, as usual, the necessary information is filled in the online form. Keep in mind; only one member is allowed to register for a particular house if it is not followed; your membership will be canceled

Username and password will be given if you are accepted as the new member. As if you are PinCone research member, you can take surveys as many you want. On completing each survey, you will get $3. Payment is made by two methods; PayPal and cheque method.

On accomplishing the survey, you will be paid $1 which is the minimum amount offered by PayPal. By the cheque process, you have to wait and keep patience because it can take two weeks to arrive.

19: NewVistaLive

Considering the eligibility of the candidate from the UK and having age more than 16 are the basics of NewVistaLive survey panel. On joining you can acquire 500 points automatically, that is equal to £5.

Surveys are almost of 10-20 minutes, and the points are dependent on the length of each survey. Take online surveys and teens surveys are also an advanced feature of this site. Research assignments are the surveys that are conducted and consumes almost 15 minutes for accomplishment.

Cheques receive the payment, and it does not take much time.

20: CashCrates

Begin the survey by clicking on the CashCrates survey link and make sure that the personal information and other details that you fill in the online form are genuine. After that, you have to go through one survey and earn almost 25 cents. Here you are in after taking a brief survey completion.

Many companies and business want people to review the product and commodities. Thus surveys are made which helps those companies to make changes and improvement if required. The moment you sign up, you can start taking surveys and earn through it.

Go along with a survey that pays you for shopping online, completing offers, watching videos, conducting surveys, watching videos. You might get nine surveys and that worth $6-6.20 per day. Approximately you can earn up to $2000-2300 per year and almost $180 per month.

The candidates from the USA, UK, and Canada, are more benefited by offers that are provided by CashCrates. A person more than 13 years is eligible to apply on the site. Thus the teens and adults both get the chance to earn quickly.

Take free and paid offers, surveys, referrals, watch videos, bonus surveys, bonus offers, shopping tabs, cash task tabs. For this entire job, you will be paid differently according to the time length of each work.

21: Clixsense

A company that has been launched in February 2007 and Mr. Steven the owner of the Clixsense had brought up the company. In May 2010, Mr. Jim Grago overtook the company. It is declared as world’s number one Paid To Click Company.

Clixsense is the well-known company for Paid To Click in which you will be paid for watching advertises and completing surveys. Earn $0.001 to $0/1 on each advertisement you view and $1 to $5 for surveys.

Any candidate is eligible to work with Clixsense and earn money which can be your extra pocket money. The starting up process is very easy, just log in through the Clixsense site and get initiated with the work.

As said above the two tasks that you can opt to earn money and get some money. Besides these, you can go through the referral task, and that is the most profitable task in Clixsense. It is the best part to earn more money by referring to the people as many as possible. There are no rules of limited referrals. Refer and earn as much as you can and get extra money on it.

22: SurveySavvy

California Research Company was founded in 1999 and available on SurveySavvy.com. The Luth Research has made the organization a well-developed in the market. It is working throughout 200 countries and has A+ accreditation from BBB.

It is one of the companies that work for residents around the worldwide. The candidates above 13 ages can participate in the online survey site. Get paid for the survey you conduct and accomplish. The payment will be in USD rather wherever you live in any country.

The joining is free, and you can complete the surveys, refer to the friends and families and get a chance to earn credits if you are disqualified. There is a program said as SavvyConnect in which you have to do research by searching on the internet. Being the member of SavvyConnect leads you to extra earnings.

2tiered referrals, that means you can earn even when your referrals have referred to others, and they completed the surveys. In short, you can earn through your referrals’ referral. Participate in opportunities to win special prizes and contests.

Get paid by the cheques and you request for $1 as the surveys get completed. For some surveys, they pay $2 even.

23: Springboard Panel

Springboard is the America’s well-known survey panel company that is handled by the subsidiary of Vision Critical. Springboard is the legitimate and trustful company that is operated by Vision Critical since ten years.

The signup process is entirely free, and it takes few minutes for start-up. As your account gets set up, you will get the surveys invitation through email. The surveys are expired within the particular period, so you have to keep your eyes on email so that you may not miss the survey opportunities.

Earn by taking interesting surveys on technology, political issues, and media. The general survey length is 10-20 minutes and depending on this length; you will be paid from $0.5 to $5. You can get paid through any bank transfer or a VISA card or else get Amazon gift card.

Some cons of Springboard Panel are; High threshold payment, No PayPal payment and only available for US citizens.

24: PointClub

PointClub is the survey site that is not on the most popular sites of survey panel, but it is surely a legitimate and genuine site that pays you real rewards on completion of each study.

Similar to the other survey sites, PointClub is also free to join, and thus the further basic profile needs that are to be filled by the applied. There is the option of Clubhouse that holds the information of profile and the surveys that you took over along with the points you will earn.

Before starting the survey, you need to qualify first for the survey and after that continue. Thus you will receive the points in your account on completion of the survey.

The opportunities that you can grab on our product testing paid trial offers, free trial offers, watching videos and earn a good amount of income through these. Get cash via PayPal, electronic gift cards, Tango gift cards and other gift cards.

Initial start-up is very exciting in which you receive 500 points for joining, 1000 points for confirming your email, 500 points for answering the given questions. Overall you will earn 2000 points i.e. $2.

You will get the notification via email if any new surveys are available or login into your account and go through the surveys that are provided to you.

25: Justtheanswer

The company having headquartered in London is a research panel of Aurora Market Research and having more than 60,000 members. An age of 16 or more and residing in the UK is eligible for applying.

The signup process is, as usual, free, similar to another site. This will consume few minutes as it asks for genuine email address and a password. Signup by justtheanswer.co.uk and click on the green option to join.

Get your surveys that are to be completed by you on email address after the confirmation process. You will get 50 points for registration and an entry for winning iPod which is on monthly duration So that you will get more opportunities for survey invitations and chance to earn more points.

Qualify for the survey and then move ahead further for taking surveys that involve the time duration of survey and reward on it. On taking surveys, you will earn £1 for each 100 points. Thus the main winning depends on the length of each survey that is conducted by you.

Receive 50 points for each referral that is done by you among the friends and families. One more thing that is to be added; you will get the chance to win the prizes on disqualifying in the survey.

Receive your rewards when you accumulate 500 points through Amazon vouchers or donate it, you can even exchange into the prize draw. Within 28 days you will receive the confirmation email of your redemption.

26: Mindmover

The UK residential is acceptable to apply in Mindmover site and share your opinions and thoughts on which you will get lavished rewards. It is a legitimate survey site through which you can share, what’s in your mind.

Share all those activities that you perform i.e. from breakfast sharing, eating any kind of stuff with friends or the public transport issues and even the product demands.

Mindmover is all for the big brands that you buy and share your thoughts and opinions on those products. Thus you will get rewards for giving feedback. On completion of each survey, you will get rewards, and you can redeem those rewards to cash payment. Additionally, you can even participate to get prizes.

Acquire the points on completion of the each survey and get 50-1000 points depending on the survey length that you are dealing with. So on each survey receive 50p to £10 based on surveys complexity.

You can redeem your points when you reach up to 2000 points via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. There is the option for cheque method, but you need to reach 3000 points. Get prizes every month by Sweepstakes that offers you iPod, DVD’s, TV sets that are unbiased.

27: YouSayPays

You Say Pay is the survey panel company that is eligible for the citizens of UK. According to the increasing craze of the survey, there is high demand of survey companies because you don’t have to invest the money instead you are getting paid for the work.

Easy form filling method for joining and you will be able to take surveys as usual further like many survey sites. There are two main options to earn through You Say Pays panel; the online survey and Referral programs.

Online surveys are ranging in different ways according to the length of the survey. These surveys are provided through email and range variously. The email that they will send to you is to be completed by you on which you will be paid. If you don’t receive any email, you can go to the website that holds on the available survey option. Thus you can continue with it and earn.

The referral program is quite a hassle; you need to provide your friend’s email address on the tab given when you have logged on the site. There is an option of a recommending friend, and after that, the process of reward is done automatically.

As soon as you reach £20 accumulation in your account, you will be paid in 30 days duration. Thus you don’t need to ask for any redemption; you will be paid undoubtedly within 30 days. Keep checking the Amazon vouchers and if you want your payment through PayPal; you need to submit your genuine email address.

28: Instagc

Australia, US, Canada, UK are the countries that are qualified for the survey panel site. Join by clicking on the link of Instagc or else you can use your Facebook, Google or Twitter account for participating and get 10points in return.

Earn through watching videos, viewing ads, shopping, testing the apps and many more tasks completion. This survey panel site pays you cash and many gift cards or offers that help you to gather a small amount because there is not a single company that pays you higher as much as you expect.

Crowdflower is the task that is given to you which holds the work of research on the internet or the data entry work. The instructions are given that are to be followed by you accurately for completing the tasks.

Receive calls that are of the sales agent and the time duration are only of approximately 3minutes. Simply watch videos, open the websites, download the applications and earn points that take few seconds.

Try for the free trials offers by making calls and requesting for the quotes for example insurance quotes.

Online shopping is the best way to earn because you are getting paid for the work that you usually do. The install will give you the affiliate link for shopping online.

Trials are the most recommended one because you get more to earn through this. The subscription should be canceled within the given period. Keep a reminder or else you have to pay for the first month of subscription.

Earn quickly by watching videos but there are not many bucks paid for viewing. But if you want to earn relaxing your butts, this is rather a simple way to earn.

Get gift cards from Starbucks, Amazon, BestBuy and much more as the membership participation. You have the option of redeeming your points to cash payment through PayPal, Cheque or bank transfer (for USA citizens). The pay rates are as follows:

£1= 130 points, $1 USD= 100 points, 1pound= 160 points.

29: Qboard

Do you have a skill of interpreting with others and working in the team? Yeah, that’s the need for Qboard Company. Communicate in groups and work along with others in the team. Share the questions among all and work with them.

Questions that are created by friends and community is said as ‘Polls.’ Take surveys, give feedback and review on branded products, share some latest news and information; this all comes under creating polls activity.

Procure gift cards and points for completing the tasks even you can get cash outs for varied gifts. Thus get the rewards after completing the survey or the work conducted to you.

Another option to make use of your points is by auction work. Bet in the auction and use your points and if you lose the bet; there is no need to worry at all because there is the way out of charity donation.

30: Fusioncash

Fusioncash is the company that works for the countries of the United States and Canada and initiated from 2005.If you are the citizens of United States and having the age of 13 or more are eligible to sign up and work furtherly.

Start with the link of FusionCash and click on signup option for registration. You will get $5 for just registration which is good initialization?

1)Surveys: FC Surveys are available that are provided by FusionCash on the recommendation of Precision Survey LLC. The surveys will be given to you through emails, or it can be on your dashboard.

2)Offers: There are different offers when the product is newly launched or the software testing work and some trials for a particular period. Cancel the trial when the trial period is up and get the instant offers or sometimes it may take time.

3)Shopping: At the time of shopping from the online retailers, you can earn cashback through FusionCash account.

Some more options for watching videos, listening audios, other internet searches and completing some tasks by which you can earn extra bucks By referrals to friends and families you have a good option to earn $1, at the time when they complete their tasks;you will get to make $2 and $5 when they cash out their payments each time.

There are three options for which you can receive your payments; By cheque, deposit or PayPal. The minimum cashout fee is $25 and $15 of your own. i.e. not from referral.

31. YouGov

The general surveys that are undertaken by the people all over the different countries have all criteria mentioned in survey sites. Thus YouGov is also one of the genuinely working survey sites in UK, Europe, Middle East Asia, North America and Asia Pacific. The main headquarter of YouGov is in the United Kingdom. 

If you are the citizen of USA and having age more than 14, you are eligible to apply for this site and for UK citizens you required age more than 16 for continuing with YouGov. You need simple email id to make a startup and redeem your rewards depending on the offers that are available. 

The topics vary all the time on YouGov; however, they are mainly based on controversial issues and political affairs or any current events. These surveys are almost of 5-10 minutes and maximum some time-consuming surveys are of 20 minutes. It is obvious, the longer the survey; more points you can earn from each survey.

If you choose the option for cash payment then you require PayPal account or you can ask for redeeming the offer cards that are from the different retailers like Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, and BestBuy etc.  You can earn through referring friends and families. For referring one person you may earn 1000 points and if connected via Facebook you can earn up to 2000 points. 


32. Vivatic:

Vivatic is an international firm that is basically having its headquarters in London and other offices in England with the division of A company named VF Ltd.

You have multiple options through Vivatic Site like: 

  • Online surveys
  • Cash offers
  • Polls
  • Micro jobs (tasks)
  • Writing jobs
  • Referral system

Pros And Cons Of Vivatic:

  • You don’t have to pay any registration fees. So it is completely free to join.
  • It works with reliable paid surveys partners.
  • All the citizens and candidates are eligible for registration.
  • You need PayPal account for receiving the payment.
  • The income is probably very low.
  • Polls are not available daily.
  • Micro jobs are not available for the freshers and new starters.
  • Candidates from UK and US are eligible for Paid Surveys.
  • You will receive your payments at the end of a month.

The Final Touch; I have tried to bring all the legitimate and genuine survey sites up to you. This compilation of survey sites has taken many to do 29: research because I want to bring the real trustful sites to you.

Thus the sites will surely help you out to work over in your free time or stay at home persons even there are many survey sites that deal to work for teens. Though, if you have any kinds of doubts or questions regarding any of the survey sites; you can question it in the comment box.