Owls are said as birds of prey that is in the lists of other raptors like eagle, vulture, hawk, kite and much more. Well, raptors mean the one that has a sharp beak, claws which are useful for grabbing the food and eat.

Owls are in the list of nocturnal birdie, that hunts at the night time. Owl’s size varies from five inches to two foot. The colour of its feathers may be grey, brown, rufous or white.

Few Facts Of Owls:

  • Some species of owls are found with asymmetrical ears and useful for locating the sounds in multiple dimensions.
  • Eyes of owls do not have eyeballs, instead they have tube structure that only focusses on their prey.
  • Owl have a factor of rotating its head up to 270°
  • Group of owl is said as parliament and this have concluded from from film Chronicles Of Narnia.
  • Owls can hunt other owls of different species.

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