When I decided to work in my free time it was tough to find the legitimate one. You all are lucky enough that you have found an easy path for yourself. I have already dug many of the information and presented them here for you.  

I was tired of searching the easiest legitimate one. But my friends no one works for free. You need to show your skills and knowledge at some level. Or else you have to spend more time on some options with low earning rates.

For the newbies on the internet, it is not as tough as it seems. Don’t scream at the screen as such in an image. Stay calm, have some popcorn (lol), I have shared all possibilities for those who want to earn by Part Time Jobs.

part time jobs without experience

The searching job task is not easy for everyone nowadays. The job market is quite tough now especially for those who do not have any formal education and any work experience.

Hence there are some jobs which will help to get the opportunity to earn handsome money for your own expenses and requirement.

There are a number of different jobs available for work, but it is up to you in which you are interested. Part-time jobs are 35 hours a weekly or less than that.

There are many different categories of part-time workers Agriculture and related industries, Wage and salary workers, Self-employed workers, Unpaid family workers, Wage and salary workers, Private industries, Households, Part-time for economic purpose or reasons, nonagricultural industries, Part time for noneconomic reasons.

If talking about jobs then there are a huge number of jobs available in Indian companies and Multinational companies also, Even though with online works.

online part time jobs with no experience

 Overview Of Work

  1. Writing/Blogging:

There are a huge number of sites available which gives you the opportunity for writing blogs and articles, instead of that they will pay you the great money.

Blog writers can easily work from home, no need to go anywhere. In this job, you need to create blogs regarding whatever niche assigned to or know about.

An escalating demand for web-based information is one of the driving forces behind increased numbers of writers who are trying to turn blogging to make their living.

Blog writing jobs cover a variety of subjects for writers and help to gain much knowledge from it. You will update your written blogs on different posts and for that, you will be paid.

2. Online Poker:

If you are really good in it then it will become the best source of earning money. You can register in poker site where you will receive Rs.100 bonus for signup and then you can start playing pool online if you really good in it.

3. Content selling:

Make PDF yourself and then you can sell it online for money making. There is a site name Instamojo. Except for this site, a hundred of sites are available which pay you great money just for creating great content in your own words.

While successful content writer seems to have an enviable life, they work from home, make their own schedules and work as much as or as little as they please.

Writing skill is not just an enough for becoming a good content writer. You have to learn marketable skills for writing content if you think to earn more.

4. Teaching:

If you have a great knowledge about some subjects you can easily earn money by taking classes at your own home.

The second option is you can make your tutoring video and upload it on youtube will also help you for earning money. For your help, there are many tutoring videos available online from where you can easily catch the more point to edit your own video with different sentences.

5. Showrooms:

There are lots of showrooms which provide a part-time job. The benefit of working in it is the best way to gain technological market knowledge as well as earning money.

As we know nowadays small shops are converting into mega malls as same many shops are converted into a great showroom.



6. Work as an assistant:

Again the great chance to meet new people and to get more knowledge about the different era. You can work as an assistant to add film companies/directors.

If you have a good command of English and can communicate easily with people then you can become an assistant of multinational companies, celebrities assistant, and much more.

work as assistant

7. Online support:

Yes, you can support people through spreading your knowledge online and training in which you have great command.

I mean to say you can spread your English language skills, nanotechnological skills, automobile skills, education skills, world tour skills and much more. Through spreading knowledge you will earn handsome money as much as you think.

8. Ad posting:

In this, you don’t need to spend much time. You just need to spend only 2 or 3 hours a day which is enough for earning such money. It is the easiest way of getting money with your addiction.

Yes, the use of the internet is everyone’s prediction so you can easily earn from many sites to just posting different Ads online in different sites.

Here is the article that has written in brief about online ad posting jobs.

1000 of ad posting jobs are avail online, but the problem is many are fake who did not provide salary to their clients properly. So for that, you just need to understand how posting company works genuinely.

Ad posting job is also known as copy paste work.

9. Driver:

Today’s young generation love to ride sports bikes and cars. If you are younger and if you are driving lover then this is the best option for you.

Many businessmen’s, companies, NRI people require driver most. For getting a job as a driver then you must have your own license for driving.

10. Tiffin Distribution:

This is very often a job for everyone. Nowadays people leave their place for getting the opportunity to work with international companies, in that situation people have a rented house for stay but they miss homemade food.

For that, there are many food companies which provide people homemade lunch and dinner, to that they need some delivery boys for distribution of tiffins. So you can deliver food to them for earning money as part-time work.

 How do you get a job if you have no experience?

11. Data Entry:

This will pay you quite less but it is also really helpful. Data entry field in which work-at-home pattern keeps changing. Most data entry jobs are for independent CONTRACTORS rather than compensate workers.

Most important detail is if you are not fast for typing then you will not earn much because it completely depends on you how fast you are.

If talking about scams then must remember there are many companies who are doing scam with your registration process. Remember, there are many legitimate companies which never ask you for paying money to register with company work. So be aware of it.

12. Babysitter:

If you think you can handle children then you can become a babysitter. You need to go for work during children’s parents working hours only. If you are really good at developing child nature, good behavior then you will get pay with a high amount of money.

There are many responsibilities as a babysitter and if you are capable of handling that, then it is a suitable and enjoyable job for you without any pressure.

13. Resume writing online job:

You have to write a resume for new commerce or formal companies employees for that you will get paid. There are so many companies available which provide great professional written resumes for candidates career step.

As per the overview resume, writers can earn yearly approximately $58,890. It all depends on you how to work.

14. YouTube:

You can create your own videos like prank videos, comedy videos, technology related videos and much more. You will receive view for your videos and for that, you get paid through Adsense.

You must have to monetize your videos after acceptance of AdSense activation then only you can earn money.

15. Playing Games: 

Are you Passionate about playing games? Then this is entertaining and suitable option for you to earn money. Games wich pay you money just for playing online are the best target option.

make money online via youtube

 make money online playing games details check here

16. Online survey jobs:

In this job, you have to register on any survey sites and then you have to complete given survey for getting paid.

Surveys are depended on different things maybe it is related to brands, products, services, technologies etc.

Check more about online survey jobs

17. CCD:

If you are living the place where Caffe Coffe Day shops are available in your city then it is a great opportunity for earning money. The whole world knows about it that the CCD is a part of Coffee Day Global Limited.

CCD is the place for youth where they ” Hangout”, meet people, Make conversations, and have lots of fun having a great cup of coffee.

Friends now I would like to update you all with some legitimate sites for working online without any doubts of getting payment. Those are mentioned as below.

18. BPO and KPO:

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing and KPO stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing. You can search local companies and go for an interview which helps you for making money through a part-time job.

In most of the companies, You need to give only 4 hours a day to become a part-time employee of the company. Otherwise, it is based on companies terms and conditions.

19. McDonald’s:

McDonald’s is an American hamburger and fast food restaurant chain. Recent days it spread all around the world. Many megacities it works for 24*7. Where they need more staff to maintain their customer service and brand reputation.

They need more employees. If you are working part-time somewhere and you think to work at night in McDonald’s then it is a really helpful place for you.

20. Theaters:

We all know that India is developing a country where Food, Clothes, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Enjoyment, everything is changing itself. The changes in people are seen.

To go for watching a movie is normal for people nowadays. They prefer to go for movies once in a week. It is obvious that theaters need more employees for managing their services. They also provide full-time or part-time jobs. It is based on you that which is convenient for you.

Friends, it is up to you which is preferable jobs for you. Even you can also find more job recruitment in your local newspapers. You can prefer that also to catch your kind of job.

I have given almost high ranked popular sites details from where after registration without investment you can earn money working part-time.

For more details, you can check our article which provides you deep brief information about online part time work also.

I hope friend, above given details, are helpful for you to search part-time jobs. If you have any queries please comment below.