Peacock is the most astonishing bird that everyone loves. It is an art of peacock when it opens feathers and dance. Peacock is one of the most beautiful creatures that God have created on earth.

Peacock is the national bird of country India. Well, this was just for knowledge sake. I have collected mesmerising images and photos of colourful peacocks. The male one is called peacock and the females are peahens.

When I was a kid, I loved to collect feathers of the peacock; even now if I find feathers in farms or any place I collect them all. I don’t think there is any age when you see peacock dancing and don’t get amused towards it. Generally, people do collect those feathers for home decors.

Hence here are the best collection of peacock images with three of major types.

Beautiful Color Peacock Wallpaper

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Peacock Feather GIFs


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1. Indian Peacock:

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Indian Peafowl

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indian peacock

indian peafowl

HD peacock feather wallpaper

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Indian_Peafowl_Pavo_cristatus image indian-peafowl-male pic

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Male_Indian_Peafowl image

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Beautiful Colour Peacock Wallpaper

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2. Green Peacock:

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Peacock Full HD Photos

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3. Congo Peacock

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Buford Bronze Peafowl

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