Penguins Information And Facts

Penguins are so cute flightless birds that have wings but can’t fly. They are the aquatic birds that swim up to 60 feet in the water. Penguins are found in the Southern hemisphere, some species in equatorial regions and even in the temperate zone too.

The large penguins have their height about 3 to 7 feet and weigh about 35kg. The small penguins have their weight of 1kg with the height of 40cm.

So here I have collected all Hd images and wallpapers of a penguin with some of the funny gif’s. You can set them as wallpapers in iPhone, Androids or desktop background.

Antarctica penguins pic


baby penguin pic

baby penguin with penguin

Eselspinguin (Antarktis) - Gentoo Penguin (Antarctica)

cute penguin backgrounds

cute penguin wallpaper desktop

cute penguin walpaper

Imperial Penguins Desktop Wallpaper

Penguin love image (2)

Penguin love image

penguin wallpaper android

penguin wallpaper download

Penguin wallpapers for desktop


Penguins Desktop Background