Here I have listed Indian Post Office Holiday with the date and festival name listed below in table if you are looking for Indian post office holiday schedule and Indian post office hours Saturday then this post is for you.

Just a few days before I needed to post some kinds of stuff and I was a bit confused about whether the post services will be on or it may be a holiday. Yeah!!! Did you face the same problem anytime or currently you may be in a confused stage. Thus my readers here I have mentioned the details and information that will clear your mind regarding the postal holidays and post services holidays.

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For Indians, it is government based services and thus my readers here is the list of holidays for post services which is also referred to as “post office”. On the post service where the postage stamps are stick by adhesives and Postal Index Number (PIN) is also mentioned according to the area.

These are the FAQ’s the Indian citizens face in India:

  1. Are post offices open tomorrow?
  2. Why is Second Saturday a holiday in India?
  3. Are post offices open on the weekends?

It depends on the location of whether a post office is open on Saturday. Some post has Saturday hours while other post offices are closed on Saturday. If the post office is open on Saturday, the other days of a week are with shorter hours.

Depending on the day here are all the holidays mentioned, so you can correlate your day and date with the below mentioned holidays and the working hours too.

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This is the rare information that people are aware of. According to the book of Genesis in the Bible, the world was created in six days and the seventh day (Saturday) was a day of rest and worship. But the Saturday hours keep changing and even the holidays on Saturday according to the rules.


List of Holidays
Holiday Date Day
REPUBLIC DAY 26-01-2018 Friday
MAHAVIR JAYANTHI 29-03-2018 Thursday
GOOD FRIDAY 30-03-2018 Friday
BUDDHA PURNIMA 30-04-2018 Monday
IDUL FITR 16-06-2018 Saturday
INDEPENDENCE DAY 15-08-2018 Wednesday
IDUL ZUHA (BAKRID) 22-08-2018 Wednesday
MUHURRAM 21-09-2018 Friday
GURUNANAK’S BIRTHDAY 23-11-2018 Friday
CHRISTMAS 25-12-2018 Tuesday

For my readers I recommend if you are still confused about the open and closed postal services, you can contact your nearby postal office before visiting that place.