Red Robin Customer Feedback Survey at

The Red Robin Feedback Survey can be accessed at or All the restaurant customers can log in and fill out the company’s feedback survey to get 10 chances to win the daily $1000 prize.

So, guys today we are going to explain everything about Red Robin Feedback Survey and you can access it via or follow this survey guide where we will provide you potential entrants with all the necessary information survey.

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Red Robin Feedback Survey

Red Robin Feedback Survey
Red Robin Feedback Survey

We will discuss the main requirements you need to meet to enter the survey and we will also provide more and more details about the prizes you can win, and at the same time tips for going through the survey process. This survey guide will provide you potential entrants with all the necessary information about the main requirements and they all need to meet and the prizes they stand to win, as well as the best tips for going through the survey process.

Red Robin Feedback Survey Requirements

All the participants of the Red Robin Feedback Survey need to have access to the following set of main requirements to be able to access the gain to the questionnaire:

  • A Computer: All entrants need to have access to a computer in order to fulfill the Red Robin Survey.
  • A Secure Internet Connection: Since you can only access the Red Robin feedback survey online, you will need a secure internet connection to fill it out.
  • A Valid Red Robin Receipt: To enter the Red Robin Feedback Survey, you will have to provide the following information via your Red Robin Receipt. The telephone number of the store you visited and the date and the time of your visit, and the total amount you paid for your order.
  • A Valid Invitation to the Red Robin Feedback Survey: Entrants can also share their customer status by making the use of special invitations offered by the company.
  • All Entrants Must be at least 18 years old: You must be 18 or above to enter into the Red Robin Customer Feedback Survey.
  • US Citizenship: You must be a legal citizen of the United States of America.

Red Robin Feedback Survey Rewards & Tips

All the entrants of the Red Robin Feedback Survey who complete the questionnaire can automatically participate in the survey sweepstakes. They are offered 10 chances to win the daily prize of $1000 as well as prizes worth $1500, that are given weekly basis for the customers who participate in the Red Robin Feedback Survey.

Red Robin client survey sweepstakes winners must be legal citizens of the United States. They must be over the age of 18 in order to be able to collect their rewards.

To find out more about the Red Robin Survey Sweepstakes rules, you can visit either or Tap on the link marked Terms and Conditions.

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How to Take the Red Robin Survey?

All the participants of the Red Robin client experience survey need to go through all the following steps to be able to submit the questionnaire and collect the rewards.

Follow below process to enter into the survey and try your luck to win the $1000 Amount:

  • First of all, Go to or any one of them and they will take you to the Red Robin Feedback Survey page.
  • Now choose your preferred language and the Red Robin Feedback Survey is available in English and Spanish, and in the first section of the portal customers can choose the language they want to take the questionnaire in.
  • Provide the required information from a valid red robin receipt or a valid invitation, and this is one of the main red robin client experience survey requirements. All participants are expected to have either a valid receipt from one of the company’s restaurants or a survey invitation.
  • Now answer the red robin feedback survey questions and it will only take about 3 minutes to go through all of the Red Robin Survey questions.
  • Collect the Red Robin Survey rewards and customer stand to win a daily prize of $1000 or a weekly $1500 prize. Please note one thing that all the red robin survey winners must meet the eligibility criteria in order to gain access to the rewards.

How to Contact Red Robin Customer Service:

As we already mentioned, Red Robin takes pride in the quality of their customer service. This should not be a surprise, considering that great restaurants are the ones where you feel at home. If you have any concerns, complaints, feedback or comments about their service, you can send them through one of the following channels:

  • Red Robin Phone Number: The company offers several phone numbers for customer support, and there is a dedicated customer service hotline as well as corporate headquarters one for administrative issues.
  1. Customer Service: 1-877-733-6543
  2. Corporate Headquarters: 303-846-6000
  • Mailing Address: It is also possible to contact Red Robin through the mail and simply add the following address on your envelope: Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. 6312 S. Fiddlers Green Circle Suite 200N Greenwood Village, CO 80111.
  • Social Media Accounts: If you are looking to connect in a meaningful way, then you should definitely try to catch the customer service team at their social media platforms. Below we have mentioned them.
  1. Facebook – HERE
  2. Twitter – HERE
  3. YouTube – HERE
  4. LinkedIn – HERE

Final Verdicts:

So, now we have shared all the possible details about Red Robin Feedback Survey and now you can enter and win $1000 and enjoy the money. If you have any kind of query regarding this survey then you can drop us your comments in the comment section below.

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