Skippers or say as Hesperiidiae butterflies are the non-nocturnal butterflies with 3500 varieties. These butterflies have quick darting flight and their antennas are hooked backwards.


Skipper butterflies identification hesperiidae identification

  • hesperiidae¬†lower classifications
  • hesperiidae¬†caterpillar
  • hesperiinae
  • hesperiidae¬†larvae
  • papilionoidea
  • ochlodes sylvanus
  • black skipper butterfly
  • hesperiidae¬†taxonomy
  • butterfly¬†identification
  • black butterfly species
  • black¬†skipper¬†butterfly
  • moth¬†identification
  • orange¬†skipper¬†butterfly
  • skipper¬†butterfly lower classifications
  • types of¬†butterflies
  • butterfly¬†identification¬†app

Skippers have many subfamilies in which all those have varied shape and size. The general skippers have large compound eyes and stockier bodies and even stronger wings muscles.

The shape of the wings is rounded and sharply tipped forewings. The interesting thing about these butterflies is when they are in resting position, the wings are in the upward position or spread rather than folding up.

The general colour of this butterflies is dull brown or grey and some of them have black or white colours. Red, yellow, blue are rarely found colours in skippers type of butterflies, but if we observe in higher classifications there are rich coloured butterflies found.

The male butterflies have black streak or patch on forewings. Out of 3500 species, Skippers are subclassified into following subfamilies:

Coeliadinae Awls, Awlets, and Policemen (about 75 species)
Euschemoninae regent skipper (monotypic)
Pyrginae Spread-winged skippers and firetips (including Pyrrhopyginae)
Heteropterinae Skipperlings (about 150 species)
Hesperiinae Grass skippers (over 2000 species)
Megathyminae Giant skippers (about 18 species; doubtfully distinct from Hesperiinae)
Trapezitinae  Australian skippers (about 60 species)

Various Lower Classification Of Skippers Butterflies:

Common Name Scientific Name Photo
Grizzled Skippers Pyrgus malvae grizzled Skippers (Pyrgus malvae)
Spread Wing Skipper Pyrginae spread wing skipper butterfly
Large skipper Ochlodes Sylvanus large skipper butterfly
Duskywing Erynnis duskywing butterfly
Essex Skipper Thymelicus lineola essex skipper butterfly
Small Skipper Thymelicus Sylvestris small skipper butterfly
Grass Skipper Hesperiinae grass skipper butterfly
Dingy Skippers Erynnis tages dingy skipper butterfly
Hesperia comma Hesperia comma  hesperia comma butterfly pic
 Bibasis  Bibasis bibasis butterfly image
 Pelopidas Mathias  Pelopidas mathias  Pelopidas mathias butterfly image
 Fiery skipper  Hylephila phyleus  fiery skipper image
Long-Tailed Skippers Urbanus proteus  long tailed skippers photo
Chequered Skipper or Arctic Skipper Carterocephalus palaemon chequered skipper or Arctic skipper
Large Chequered Skipper Heteropterus morpheus Large Chequered Skipper pic
 Giant Skippers  Megathyminae  giant skippers pic
 Astraptes Fulgerator  Astraptes fulgerator Astraptes fulgerator butterfly image
 Erionota Thrax  Erionota Thrax Erionota Thrax butterfly image
 Firetips  Apyrrothrix Araxes
 Hesperia Dacotae  Hesperia dacotae Hesperia dacotae butterfly pics
 Hesperiini  Hesperiini Hesperiini butterfly image
Golden Banded-Skipper Autochton Cellus Autochton Cellus butterfly photo
Orange Awlet  Bibasis harissa Bibasis Harissa butterfly picture
 Flat Or Spreadwings

  • Ebrietas Anacreon (Staudinger, 1876) ‚Äď common bentwing
  • Ebrietas Badia (Plotz, 1884)
  • Ebrietas elaudia (Plotz, 1884) ‚Äď plain bentwing
  • Ebrietas evanidus Mabille, 1898 ‚Äď blurred bentwing
  • Ebrietas infanda (Butler, 1877)
  • Ebrietas osyris (Staudinger, 1876) ‚Äď great bentwing
  • Ebrietas sappho
Ebrietas Ebrietas butterfly image
 Porphyrogenes  Porphyrogenes Porphyrogenes butterfly image
 Bibasis Anadi  Bibasis Anadi  Bibasis anadi butterfly photo
 Ancyloxypha  Ancyloxypha Ancyloxypha butterfly picture
 Pholisora  Pholisora Pholisora butterfly pic
 Policemen  Coeliades

  • Coeliades Aeschylus (Plotz, 1884) ‚Äď Senegal blue policeman
  • Coeliades Anchises (Gerstaecker, 1871) ‚Äď one pip policeman
  • Coeliades bixana Evans, 1940 ‚Äď dark blue policeman
  • Coeliades bocagii (Sharpe, 1893)
  • Coeliades chalybe (Westwood, 1852) ‚Äď blue policeman
  • Coeliades ernesti (Grandidier, 1867)
  • Coeliades fervida (Butler, 1880)
  • Coeliades fidia Evans, 1937
  • Coeliades forestan (Stoll, [1782]) ‚Äď striped policeman
  • Coeliades Hanno (Plotz, 1879) ‚Äď western policeman, three pip policeman
  • Coeliades keithloa (Wallengren, 1857) ‚Äď red tab policeman
  • Coeliades libeon (Druce, 1875) ‚Äď spotless policeman
  • Coeliades Lorenzo Evans, 1947 ‚Äď Lorenzo red tab policeman
  • Coeliades Pisistratus (Fabricius, 1793) ‚Äď two pip policeman
  • Coeliades Rama Evans, 1937
  • Coeliades ramanatek (Boisduval, 1833)
  • Coeliades sejuncta (Mabille & Vuillot, 1891) ‚Äď coast policeman, ochreous-banded policeman
Coeliades-sejuncta butterfly image

forestan-stripped-policemen photo

Coeliades anchises butterfly

Coeliades keithola butterfly image


two pip policeman butterfly pic

Coeliades ernesti butterfly image

Coeliades bixana butterfly picture

 Perichares philetes  Caribbean Ruby-eye perichares skipper butterfly image
Glazed Pelliccia Pelliccia Arina glazed Pellicia Butterfly image
Callimormus Callimormus Callimormus butterfly image
Carrhenes Carrhenes Carrhenes butterfly picture
Mellana Quasimellana Eulogious Quasimellana eulogius butterfly pic
Dispar Dispar Dispar butterfly picture

  • Banded Skipper (Toxidia Parvulus)
  • Lilac Grass Skipper (Toxidia Doubledayi)
  • Dingy Grass Skipper Or Large Dingy Skipper (Toxidia Peron)





Dingy-Grass-Skipper image

lilac-grass-skipper photo

Toxidia Parvulus butterfly photo

Purple Stained Skipper  Zenis Jebus Hemizona Purple stained skipper picture
 Hermit Skipper Graig Stigmaticus hermit skipper butterfly image

This was the detailed information of Skipper butterflies and all the sub-classification of it. I hope you have acquired everything through this article. If I have missed out something you can mention it in comment box.