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SunTrust Routing Numbers allows the bank users transfer the funds by wire, electronic wireless or paper transactions. If you are searching for SunTrust Bank Routing Numbers genuine records then you are already at right location my friend. We know how much it is important for you to know about for routing number for SunTrust Bank while you are proceeding for fund transfer and direct deposits.

The post here has included every detail for Sun Trust bank routing number state wise and region wise. Bank users who can not complete the transactions due to routing number can always check for the site provided here.

As official website do not publish bank routing numbers list, it is hard for users to find the genuine post for SunTrust Routing Number. So, we came here with a post which will help for the bank customers and users for their comfort and convenience.

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SunTrust Routing Numbers

SunTrust Routing Numbers

SunTrust Bank Routing Numbers is a 9 digit code used by SunTrust federal banks in America to identify the bank institution you are connected to and transferring the funds. You might have experienced that you are required to present your Sunt Trust Routing Number when you are processing for mobile or online payments. So, it is most necessary element required at the time of bank transactions processes.

Users are required to provide the bank routing numbers every time while proceeding for wire or for wireless electronic transactions. So, it is necessary that either you save up your bank account routing number either in your mind or your device.

Most users search online for;

  • SunTrust Routing Number Georgia | GA

  • SunTrust Routing Number Florida

  • SunTrust Routing Number for Wires

Check the table available below for routing numbers details.

SunTrust Routing Numbers

SunTrust Bank Routing Numbers List

SunTrust Routing Number

Bank’s Registered Name Bank Locations
061000104 Suntrust Bank Orlando, Florida | FL
051000020 Suntrust Bank Orlando, Florida | FL
053100465 Suntrust Bank Orlando, Florida | FL
055002707 Suntrust Bank Orlando, Florida | FL
061100790 Suntrust Bank (Northwest Georgia) Orlando, Florida | FL
063102152 Suntrust Bank Orlando, Florida | FL
063106750 Suntrust Bank or Skylight Orlando, Florida | FL
064000046 Suntrust Bank Orlando, Florida | FL

The provided SunTrust Routing Numbers information here purely genuine and true. SunTrust Bank Routing Numbers allows the bank users to transfer the funds for transactions. We are providing leading banks information and records genuinely for our users and bank customers. You can visit our official site at for more banking issues and for routing number records.

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