Taiwan Stock Exchange Holidays

If you are the one who is trading through Taiwan Stock Exchange or the citizen of Taiwan and wants to know about the schedule of Taiwan Stock Exchange or Taiwan Stock Exchange Holiday 2018 then here are the details regarding your queries related to Holidays. 

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The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) is a stock exchange located in Taipei, Taiwan with a market capitalization of $891.06 Billion. The Taiwan Stock Exchange is open five days per week for four and one-half hours per day and is closed for twenty holidays per year.

Taiwan Stock Exchange Holidays – 2017

No Date Holiday
1 January – 1Sunday New Year’s Day
2 January – 2Monday New Year’s Day
3 January – 25Wednesday No Trading Day
4 January – 26Thursday Market opens only for Clearing & Settlement
5 January – 27Friday Lunar New Year’s Eve
6 January – 28Saturday Spring Festival
7 January – 29Sunday Spring Festival
8 January – 30Monday Spring Festival
9 January – 31Tuesday Spring Festival
10 February – 1Wednesday Spring Festival
11 February – 27Monday Adjusted Holiday
12 February – 28Tuesday Peace Memorial Day
13 April – 3Monday Adjusted Holiday
14 April – 4Tuesday Children’s Day
(Tomb-sweeping Day)
15 May – 1Monday Labor Day
16 May – 29Monday Adjusted Holiday
17 May – 30Tuesday Dragon Boat Festival
18 October – 4Wednesday Mid-autumn Festival
19 October – 9Monday Adjusted Holiday
20 October – 10Tuesday National Day

Additional Trading Days on Saturday – 2017

No Date Holiday
1 February – 18Saturday Additional Trading Days
2 June – 3Saturday Additional Trading Days
3 September – 30Saturday Additional Trading Days

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Taiwan Stock Exchange Opening Hours for 2018

Sunday Closed
Monday – 
Tuesday – 
Wednesday – 
Thursday – 
Friday – 
Saturday Closed

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