If you reside in Tokyo or want to trade through Tokyo Stock Exchange, first of all, you need to know whether the Stock Exchange is open or not. So this article has information about Tokyo Stock Exchange (JPX) Holiday 2019

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The Tokyo Stock Exchange (JPX) is a stock exchange located in Tokyo, Japan with a market capitalization of $5.12 Trillion. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is open five days per week for five hours per day and is closed for nineteen holidays per year.

Tokyo Stock Exchange (JPX) is closed on every Saturday, Sunday and the following holidays:

Jan. 1 (Mon.) New Year’s Day
Jan. 2 (Tue.) Market Holiday
Jan. 3 (Wed.) Market Holiday
Jan. 8 (Mon.) Coming of Age Day
Feb. 12 (Mon.) National Foundation Day (Feb. 11) observed
Mar. 21 (Wed.) Vernal Equinox
Apr. 30 (Mon.) Showa Day (Apr. 29) observed
May 3 (Thu.) Constitution Memorial Day
May 4 (Fri.) Greenery Day
May 5 (Sat.) Children’s Day
Jul. 16 (Mon.) Marine Day
Aug. 11 (Sat.) Mountain Day
Sep. 17 (Mon.) Respect for the Aged Day
Sep. 24 (Mon.) Autumnal Equinox (Sep. 23) observed
Oct. 8 (Mon.) Health and Sports Day
Nov. 3 (Sat.) Culture Day
Nov. 23 (Fri.) Labor Thanksgiving Day
Dec. 24 (Mon.) Emperor’s Birthday (Dec. 23) observed
Dec. 31 (Mon.) Market Holiday


  • ・National holidays that fall on a Sunday are observed on the following Monday.

Trading Hours

Tokyo Stock Exchange Opening Hours for 2019
Sunday Closed
Monday ,to
Tuesday ,to
Wednesday ,to
Thursday ,to
Friday ,to
Saturday Closed

† Times shown are in Asia/Tokyo time (GMT+09:00)
‡ Tokyo Stock Exchange closes for lunch each day