Heyy friends!! How you doing?? I am hereby mentioning these details with all my experience as I am a pharmacist. So I won’t guide you in a wrong direction and even I have discussed all the details and parameters related to eye exam with my friend who is on the list of well-known doctors.¬†

These days the eye site of every next person is getting affected. Well, whether it is farsightedness or nearsightedness you need to check up your eye every now and then once in a year. People out there in America and well-developed countries spend billions of bucks for an eye check up or eye exam.

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As I am having power glasses since many years I can understand how much you have to expend for lenses and check ups. Walmart is one of the best eye exams and some other like Costco, Sam’s Club are also well-known. The most active Walmart eye care is in The United States.

There are various rates or eye exam costs such as $60 for a glasses prescription only, $125 to $150 for examining contact lenses and this varies according to the location. $20 charge for a retinal photo. And when I checked out my local Wal-Mart. They replied that the frames start at a very cheap rate as $18 and ranges up to $140 even. The charge for the eye exam in local areas may vary. I know you have a curiosity to know what actually happens in the eye exam.

One of the most important point and doubt you will have in your mind whether the optometrists are well qualified and experienced or not? Yes, you need not worry because the optometrists are well experienced at Walmart. 

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Moreover, if you have more concerns about your eyes related to medicines and other issues you can continue with your family doctors because they will guide you more easily and you will have a homely feeling. There is no doubt the Walmart Optometrist can’t guide you but at last it depends on your comfort level.

How much is an eye exam without insurance?

Type Price

Without Insurance

Prices vary by location

Routine Eye Exam $75.00 and up
Routine + Contact Lens Fitting $125.00-145.00
Visual Field Screening $15.00
Retinol Photo $29.00

Steps that are conducted during an Eye exam:

1.  Accomplishing Health History Form:

This form completing the process includes your complete health history and other medications that you undertake which can affect your vision or eyesight. The form includes a number of questions so that specific activities can be attempted for specialized vision care or eyewear.

There are two options for you to complete the form either you can complete through the link provided, or in the office. It is requested that if you want to complete this process in office, you have to arrive 10-15 minutes early.

2. Review of Health History and Pre-Exam Consult:

Secondly, you have to meet the optician for a pre-exam test, where the optician will ask you about the vision problems that you are facing. The optician will also suggest and review the specific visual needs. If necessary the optician will measure your visual acuity.

The other step in it is measuring the series of objectives by most recent arrived types of equipment. A visual field machine will determine if your vision is deteriorating in any area. A gentle tonometer will measure the pressure of your eye, in order to assess your risk of developing glaucoma.

The Tonometer that is present in Walmart measures the pressure and even have such latest software that normalizes readings by taking corneal thickness. Finally, a highly accurate autorefractor will measure your estimated prescription and corneal curvatures. Thus further the doctor will continue the examination with accuracy.

3. Glaucoma Test:

Initially, the doctor will carry out the test in which the pressure of an eye is measured. If glaucoma is not treated as early as possible, it may lead to permanent damage to optic nerve and visual field loss. At an early stage, Glaucoma can be treated easily.

The primary test includes non-contact tonometer, which uses an air puff against your eyeball while you are staring at a light source. It is quick and painless.

No instrument touches your eyeball. In some cases, the doctor may choose to execute a different glaucoma test that involves placing a numbing drop in your eye and using an applanation tonometer to gently press on the cornea to measure intraocular pressure. Both tests are painless. Having a glaucoma test is an important part of identifying potential eye issues at an early stage.

4. Perimetry Test: 

This test is conducted when you are facing an unclear side vision. An issue of the visual field test to check for blind spots in your peripheral vision is performed by a doctor.

These blind spots can indicate that glaucoma is developing or can be used to identify potential brain damage from a stroke or a tumour.

5. Cover Test:

How your eyes are working together is determined by this test. Both the eyes are covered by small paddle alternately and the doctor asks you to stare at an eye chart. As you do this, the doctor records about the eyes that moved and register the object you were looking at.

This will be done for close-up and far away. The cover test determines the presence of strabismus, which can cause amblyopia (lazy eye), poor depth perception and binocular vision problems.

6. Refraction Test:

Initiating with the base prescription determined through retinoscopy, the doctor uses a refraction test to determine your precise prescription. By the use of computerized phoropter, the doctor will flip lenses using a touchscreen remote with different optical powers or focal lengths in front of each eye.

For the clear visual identification, a doctor will ask you from which of the two lenses you find a clear vision.  The doctor will continue this process until your exact prescription is determined.

7. Binocular Slit-Lamp Examination:

The slit lamp used in conjunction with a biomicroscope allows the doctor to examine the health of your eyes. By giving the doctor a magnified view of the eye structures, the doctor can check for signs of infection or disease. You have to place your chin on the chin rest and the doctor will shine a light from the slit lamp into your eye.

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Furtherly, The doctor then looks at the structures in the front of the eye, such as eyelids, cornea and iris, then at the inside of the eye (the macula, retina, iris, etc.). This examination allows the doctor to identify a wide range of potential eye diseases and conditions.

8. Dilation Procedure:

Your pupils are dilated to allow the doctor to get a better view of the structures inside the eye. To dilate your pupils, special eye drops (especially Atropine) will be placed in your eyes. Until the drops give its effect, you have to wait almost for 15-20 minutes.

When the pupils are dilated sufficiently, the optometrist will observe all the minute details and inner structure of eyes. As the dilated pupils will make your eyes more sensitive to light, it is a good idea to bring sunglasses with you to minimize your light sensitivity when leaving the office. You can bring someone with you.

At last after all these examinations the doctor will review your results. If you have any more problems, you have to follow the next schedule or they will refer a specialist. If you don’t hold any measure problem, you may pick out new eyeglass frames according to your comfort and style.

Walmart Eyeglass Frames:

The Walmart stores have a good collection of eyeglass frames. You can choose according to your style and budget. the well-known eyeglass brands that are available in Walmart is Vera Wang, Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Steven Tyler, DKNY, Giorgio Armani, PUMA, Montblanc, Phat Farm, Hugo Boss, Body Glove and more. For kids, look for brands like Nickelodeon and Hanna Montana.

Contact lens brands

If you already wearing contact lenses Walmart’s Vision Center carries all the major brand names that you trust at low prices you can count on.

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Whether you need new glasses, new contacts or a quick checkup you can consult with the doctors at Walmart that is nearby you.

Free Eye Exams:

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  3. Lions Clubs International



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